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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — The Pennsylvania Parliament decides to immediately terminate Governor Tom Wolf’s Coronavirus Disaster Declaration, using new powers granted to the legislature by key voters, while maintaining certain regulatory exemptions. Did.

The Republican Party, which advanced the resolution, said last month that the Pennsylvania citizens demanded the end of an emergency order when they approved the constitutional amendment, which was widely seen as a referendum on the administration’s pandemic response, twice. ..

Democrats are legal to pass the bill before the election results are approved by the State Department, which could endanger federal funding, and what potential it could be, especially for low-income households receiving additional food benefits. Countered concerns about the harm.

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf cannot veto the resolution.

In a statement, his spokesman Lindsay Kensinger said Wolff was “disappointed that the Republican-controlled General Assembly has not taken action to extend the disaster declaration.”

“Over the past few weeks, the government has worked hard to educate and notify the General Assembly of the risks associated with prematurely ending the COVID Disaster Declaration,” she said. “To avoid serious consequences, the Government will do everything possible to work with the Federal Government to maintain federal funding in the absence of a declaration.”

The Department of State was unable to give an immediate answer when asked if or when the primary results were certified. A Wolf spokesman said the declaration would not end until it happened.

House Republicans originally Part of the Declaration Continues Until October, While the Wolf administration is blocking business closures and other mitigation orders. They suddenly changed course on Tuesday and passed a resolution in a party vote to end the entire state of emergency.

Following Thursday, the Senate became the only independent member of the Chamber of Commerce with a Democratic member joining the Republican Party.

At the same time, parliamentarians will be exempting regulations still in place under disaster orders until September, including an emergency permit for telemedicine and another permit allowing retired health workers to return to the scene temporarily. I voted to amend an irrelevant bill to allow it to remain. 30.

A Wolf spokesman said the governor would sign the bill.

“What happened to tyranny?” Matt Bradford (D., Montgomery) ironically asked a Republican colleague. He called for a vote to end the state of emergency with a “political drama.” This is because all mitigation orders are no longer in place, except for universal masking requirements.

However, Speaker of the House Brian Cutler (R., Lancaster) said the label was “not true.”

“I think it sends the wrong message to our members. In reality, we worked together,” he said, and Congress unanimously voted 64% of the bill in the last session. He said it passed (but as Spotlight PA reported, Few people have dealt with the coronavirus). “We didn’t always agree, but we still found a solution. That’s what we are here for.”

Just under 52% of voters during the May elections Help reduce the governor’s emergency authorityInformal election results show that 2.2 million people voted for the question, which is about a quarter of registered voters.

The constitutional amendment allows a majority of parliamentarians to terminate the state of emergency at any time without the consent of the governor, limit the period to 21 days, and transfer the authority from the administration to the parliament to extend the state of emergency.

Wolff signed the COVID-19 Disaster Declaration in March 2020 after Pennsylvania announced the first presumed positive case of the new coronavirus at the time. Since then, Wolf has updated its measures every 90 days. Relinquish certain regulations and empower him to mobilize National Guard..

The order was targeted by the Republicans because lawmakers were dissatisfied with the administration’s closure of businesses to slow the spread of the virus, but decided to let Wolff resume the economy on a faster timeline. I failed.

Mr Wolf reiterated that the Ministry of Health’s secretary had the authority to close or limit the business. However, as the Republicans urged voters to approve the constitutional amendment, preventing future closures was a rallying cry.

For the May primary, the Wolf administration warned that the end of the disaster declaration could have a serious impact on federal funding. The Human Services Department said it would not be possible to claim additional food aid benefits that were previously available without a declaration. Profited about 600,000 households..

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Congress maintains the exemption, Pa.Vote to End Coronavirus Disaster Declaration Immediately | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Source link Congress maintains the exemption, Pa.Vote to End Coronavirus Disaster Declaration Immediately | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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