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Freshman Trapping is in his heart as Northern Cambria Colts face United Lions at 14 in a Homecoming Night Heritage Conference match and line up to kick a 29-yard field goal with one second left. I ran around. At the Dougherty Memorial Stadium on Friday.

As expected, I was nervous at first. Persing had never actually kicked a field goal in the game before that moment. Then there’s the excitement of what that means if he wins the match and nails the kick to give Colts the first W of the season, and what happens if he misses right away. Suspicion and fear continued about.

Persing had nothing to worry about as his kick sailed between the uprights to give Northern Cambria a 17-14 victory and give him the gatorade bass he deserved.

“I feel great,” Persing laughed at his teammates tricking him. “It was very nervous.”

“It’s been a second. I didn’t know what to do, but suddenly it seemed like a field goal kicker,” added Colts coach Sam Shatti. “He’s a freshman, he’ll be nervous, but that’s the way you get better. He got in there and his eyes were as big as possible, but we said,” Hey, Tray, we’re going to block for you. Just kick it and have a good time. “That’s what he did and I’m very proud of him. I am very proud of this team. “

Northern Cambria knows he didn’t put together a perfect game, nor did United, despite riding the highs of the last second win.

Colts and Lions combined three interceptions from the Northern Cambria quarterback’s hands with five turnovers and thirteen penalties, including the loss of fumble on both sides.

In fact, the game started with a bad snap that allowed Northern Cambria’s Benjanosco to remove the ball from United’s quarterback Jacob bowling and give Colts ownership. However, Northern Cambria missed the opportunity to return the ball to United after two games.

With four minutes remaining in the first quarter, Bowling dug his heels for a 77-yard run, evading Northern Cambria defenders into the end zone, giving United the first touchdown of the game. A boring 2-point conversion pass to freshman Dylan Stephens gave Lions an 8-0 lead.

Boredom wasn’t over.

Shortly after scoring, Bowling stole an intercept from Northern Cambria’s QB Owenbauer and gave United ownership at the Northern Cambria’s 13-yard line. After three snaps, sophomores ran back on Caden McCully’s two-yard run, raising the Lions to 14-0 in the first quarter. Unfortunately for United, that number remained stagnant for the rest of the game.

Bowling completed one of three 13-yard passes and ended the night with 137 rush yards in 22 carries. The 6’1 senior is also responsible for grabbing all three intercepts.

“Jake is a competitor,” said United coach Kevin Malavito. “He wanted the game more than anything else. The players gather around him. He’s a senior who deserves better than what he’s getting now. The kids want to give him that. I’m working hard. He sets an example and leads. I don’t know what else he could do for us. “

Northern Cambria responded with 17 unanswered points.

Initially, with four minutes remaining in the first half, Bauer’s four-yard rush touchdown and parsing’s additional point kick were successful, halving the Lions lead. Bauer’s second game interception to finish the half may have weakened Colts’ momentum, but it wasn’t.

Northern Cambria started the third quarter with a 6-minute 11-play drive, drawing the game 14 with a 7-yard rush touchdown by junior runback Zanderdlansky and another extra point kick by Persing. ..

Bowling grabbed a third night interception from Tydam in Northern Cambria on United’s own three-yard line with 48 seconds remaining in the ball game, but the Lions gathered energy to drive the ball downfield. I couldn’t.

Bowling’s 21-yard punt gave Colts ownership at United’s 22-yard line, after which Bower’s 7-yard pass to Junior Peyton Myers and a 6-yard quarterback keeper 8 yards in Northern Cambria with one second left. I put it on the line.

At that time, Shatti sent a parsing to kick the field goal and give Colts a victory.

Northern Cambria finished with a total of 156 yards of rush yards and 47 yards of passes. Eight different players carried the ball, including senior lineman Isaac Wagner, who has a 10-yard carry. But for Colts, the confidence to win and the resilience of a fierce comeback are more important than any statistic.

“We didn’t start very well and fell to 14-7 in half-time, but we were together in the second half,” Myers said.

“I knew it wasn’t an easy match, but I didn’t think it was this close,” added Wagner, the only senior in a Colts dress on Friday. “It wasn’t very good at first. We started the game as cats but ended up as dogs.”

United, who dressed only 20 players on Friday due to injury and the COVID protocol, is also losing confidence from the game after the 14-quarter scoreless streak.

“The kids fought, and that’s all you can ask for,” Malavito said. “The kids were moved and fought to the end. I’m not disappointed with these kids. They did everything I’ve ever asked for.”

Lions (0-5) stay on the road next week to face Portage in a non-conference match, and Colts (1-5) move to West Shamokin (2-3) for another heritage conference showdown. To do.

Colts Top Lions in Last Second Field Goal | Sports

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