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Colorado police officer murdered ambushed – NBC10 Philadelphia

Police, one of the three killed in a shooting in a shopping district outside Denver, were ambushed by a suspect who expressed hatred for police, officials said.

At a press conference, Alvada police officer Gordon Beasley said, “I was targeted because I wore Alvada police uniforms and badges.” “Executive Beasley was ambushed by someone who expressed hatred for police officers.”

Strate called it “intentional violence” and “isolated incidents.” However, he did not provide details about the suspect who also died in the shootout on Monday. How did the authorities learn that the suspect had deliberately attacked Beasley? And how did they know the suspect’s view of the police?

The suspect was identified by Jefferson County prosecutor Annette Cannon as 59-year-old Ronald Troyk.

Strate also did not explain why the shootout began on Monday. It also killed a man the authorities described as a “Samaritan” near a library in historic downtown Alvada, an area about seven miles of popular shops, restaurants, breweries and other businesses. 10 km) Northwest of downtown Denver.

Tuesday’s strategy identified the man as nearby Golden John Harley, 40. Strate called Harley “a true hero who could have confused what could have been a greater loss of life,” without elaborating on what he did.

The chief said there was no relationship between Harley and the suspect.

Alvada police spokesman Dave Snelling did not reveal who shot the suspect.

The city of Alvada planned night alerts at the Peace Lutheran Church, just west of the Old Town district.

Beesley was a school resource officer with a reputation for taking a compassionate approach to students. Beasley was engaged in patrols when he was hit by a shooting and when school was absent in the summer, shortly after reporting a suspicious incident that police did not explain.

Beesley is a 19-year veteran of the Arvada Police Department, working as a patrol officer and motorcycle traffic officer before working as a school resource officer.

According to the biography of his school’s resource officer, he played drums in a band and enjoyed hiking, biking, skiing and camping with his family. His motto was “find good things every day”.

School counselor David Rupert said while working at Oberon Middle School, he tried to help a student who was charged with a crime and had problems, reminding them and their parents to overcome their problems. Stated.

Mr. Beasley was once convinced that the students he worked with didn’t want to go to school to get out of the car and attend classes, Rupert said.

“The kids were drawn to him. They saw him as someone I could go to,” Rupert said.

According to KUSA-TV, Beasley was really interested in biking in 2015, but after learning that his mother didn’t want to ride alone, biking with 7th grade due to developmental delay. I started going to school at.

Rupert was one of about 30 school staff who walked from the shooting site to Beasley’s growing temporary monument, which was created outside the police station and town hall. Police cars and bicycles were decorated with American flags and balloons, and flowers were piled up.

The shooting in Alvada took place three months after a gunner fired at a Boulder supermarket about 20 miles (32 km) northwest of Alvada, killing 10 people, including police officers.

About 100 people gathered after a police car and motorcycle procession escorted a hearse carrying Beasley’s body to a coroner’s office after Beasley was killed on Monday.

Among them was Elaine Magnason, who choked when she was watching. She initially believed that a large police response in the area near her home indicated that a car accident might have occurred, rather than a shooting that killed a police officer.

“It’s very close,” she said.

Colorado police officer murdered ambushed – NBC10 Philadelphia

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