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Colorado AG: Probes Discovered Aurora Police Are Racist | Nationwide

Denver (AP) — Colorado Attorney General launched a civil rights investigation on Wednesday in anger over Elijah McLean’s death, discovering that Aurora police have a racially biased police pattern. Said.

Attorney General Phil Weiser’s office investigation, announced in August 2020, was the first to begin under police accountability law passed in Colorado last month in protest against the killing of George Floyd. It was an investigation. It started a few weeks ago, but wasn’t revealed until the day McLean’s parents filed a proceeding against Aurora. The proceedings allege that police treatment of McClain, a 23-year-old massage therapist, was part of a racist police pattern that included attacks and violence against blacks.

Accountability law made it illegal for police officers or other employees of government agencies to deprive people of their constitutional rights and empowered the Attorney General to enforce it. Under the law, if the Attorney General determines that an agency has “patterns or practices” that infringe on human rights, the Attorney General will notify the agency of the reason for that belief and give the agency 60 days to make changes. is needed. If the agency does not make any changes, the Attorney General may file proceedings to enforce them.

Weiser’s office has also charged three police officers and two emergency medical personnel with manslaughter, manslaughter, and assault due to McLean’s death. He convened a grand jury and decided whether to file a criminal accusation after being ordered by Democratic Governor Jared Polis to review the case in a protest last year.

The grand jury has charged all five.

Police stopped McLean on his way home from the store on August 24, 2019, after the 911 caller reported a man wearing a ski mask and waving what looked “rough.” Officers strangled McLean and fixed him. According to the indictment, paramedics injected him with 500 milligrams of ketamine. This is a suitable amount for a person who is 77 pounds (35 kg) heavier than McLean’s 143 pound (64 kg) frame. He was later removed from life support.

Aurora police also criticized police officers last year when they put four black girls on the ground and handcuffed two next to a car that they suspected had been stolen but turned out not to be. Faced with.

A police officer was charged with assault in July after being arrested with a video pistol on a body camera that suffocated and suffocated a black man during his arrest. Another police officer was charged with not intervening as required under the new police accountability law.

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Colorado AG: Probes Discovered Aurora Police Are Racist | Nationwide

Source link Colorado AG: Probes Discovered Aurora Police Are Racist | Nationwide

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