“Cocktails & Culture” attracts crowds to the Sordoni gallery

WILKES-BARRE — Cocktails, Culture, Cinco de Cuatro, Community: Four words that capture the essence of Wednesday night’s “Cocktails & Culture” event at Wilkes University’s Sordoni Art Gallery, hosted by the Diamond City Partnership.

The door opened at 5:30 pm and the crowd quickly filled the lobby space outside the Soldoni Gallery at the Calambas Center. With live John Shemo performances, a menu inspired by Cinco de Mayo, a lively chat with smiles, and a temporary dining area set up in the classroom this morning, the stage was certainly set for a successful night.

Mayor George Brown and DCP Managing Director Larry Newman interrupted the conversation to take people downtown and talk to reporters about the importance of continuing to appreciate art in various ways.

“Tonight we see people with an interest in art, the Diamond City partnership, and downtown,” Brown began. And when you take a tour of the beautiful artwork in the gallery, everyone gets together. “

Brown pointed out the cherry blossom festival last weekend. The festival brought together about 20,000 people who wanted to take in the weather and enjoy community events as evidence that more events could be held in 2022.

Newman pointed out opportunities for crossover work between other downtown galleries. “What I’m most excited about is showing the location of the Sordoni Gallery here, which surrounds the Circle Center for the Arts, home of the Wyoming Valley Art League, and the gallery on the second floor across from Marquis Art & Street. As you know, the total is bigger than the part, which is one way we do it, and we can expect more. “

Heather Sincavage, director of Sordoni Gallery, took the time to provide insights into the current exhibits and DCP’s “Downtown Rebound” efforts before introducing the gallery’s latest exhibits on a guided tour.

“That is, the new show is by Dan R. Tally. He’s a Kutztown-based artist originally from South Georgia. He’s a lens-based artist. That is, he’s photography, video, and how many. He has worked in several drawings for his performance. The exhibition is a retrospective from 1973 to the present. “

Sincavage disclosed some feedback from DCP about the March “Cocktails & Culture” iteration, and her guided walkthroughs are essential to keep people less afraid of art. Said. They found that the exhibits were more accessible under the experienced and professional guidance of Sincavage.

“Overall, the Sordoni Gallery has always been thinking about accessibility, and not only how we understand art, but also how we understand ourselves through different types of lenses. Therefore, such programs and events. Doing this is becoming more and more important not only to the liveliness of this gallery, but also to us as a culture in northeastern Pennsylvania. We are really excited to be there. “

Susan Magnotta, Director of Marketing and Development at DCP, talked about the growing “desire for downtown” as more and more events in the city center bear fruit.

“I just talked to someone who came back to the second event,” she said. “And I said,’Thank you for coming downtown,’ and the gentleman said,’I’m very happy to be back.’ So our numbers continue to grow. Every time here. There are different people. “

Both Magnotta and Brown expressed similar feelings about the efforts of those who are working hard to support the recovery of downtown.

Magnotta said: Get downtown back. “

Brown thanked him. “I would like to thank the Larry and Diamond City Partnership for doing a great job of working with the mayor and the mayor’s administration to bring people back together, so that’s just the beginning.”

“Cocktails & Culture” attracts crowds to the Sordoni gallery

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