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Coatesville — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced plans to close the Coatesville Veterans Management Medical Center in March, but if that happens, the closure will not happen for years, the CEO of the medical center said. ..

The Department of Veterans Affairs has recommended closing 17 of the 171 medical centers. Among them is the Coatesville Veterans Management Center in Caln Township, which employs about one-third of the veterans. This recommendation is the first step in a review of the assets and infrastructure required by Congress under the Mission Act 2018.

VA officials cited depopulation, demographic changes, aging status of some facilities, and difficulty in hiring to justify the proposed closure.

Recommendations from VA’s Asset and Infrastructure Review Board replace Coatesville VA with multidisciplinary community-based outpatient clinics, community living centers or nursing homes in medical centers, home rehabilitation treatment programs, and inpatient behavioral care. Is to move the unit to a new one. Facility.

Jeffrey A. Baylor II, CEO of Coatesville VA Medical Center, said this report marks the beginning of a detailed process that will take place next year.

“The report contains recommendations for improving access and quality of care for veterans, in order to provide more outpatient services and update modern VA healthcare facilities.” Said Beiler. “The recommendations of the AIR report are just those recommendations, not the final ones. The committee of the AIR Commission appointed by the President reports before submitting its own recommendations to the President in 2023. We will conduct a hearing as part of a review of our recommendations, which means that, if approved, these recommendations will be years away from implementation and completion.

Coatesville VA has 302 surgical beds, 148 home rehabilitation treatment program beds, 126 community life center beds, and 28 mental health beds.

According to Baylor, Coatesville VA’s current goal is to continue to focus on providing the best possible care to 19,000 veterans annually.

“Coatesville VAMC will celebrate its 91st anniversary in May this year. All the while, it has been the dedication of generations of healthcare providers, management and environmental support staff to take care of the heroes of our country. We continue to do so every day, “said Baylor.

In 2021, 204,654 outpatients visited Coatesville VA and 1,237 were hospitalized. Coatesville VA has 302 operating tables and is one of the largest employers in the region.

US Congressman Chrissy Houlahan D-6 from Easttown is also participating in an effort to save Coatesville VA. She was part of a bipartisan letter to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, expressing her concerns about the VA recommendation to the Assets and Infrastructure Review Board.

Coatesville VA Medical Center is not certain to close, CEO says – Daily Local

Source link Coatesville VA Medical Center is not certain to close, CEO says – Daily Local

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