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Forget to find a coach. Find out the real problems of the Miami Dolphins throughout the lost years.

When Steve Ross acquired the team in 2009, next team president Mike Dee (marketer) reports to the football people who had previously reported to Bill Parcells’ vice president of football. I said. Therefore, the issue of “communication and collaboration” quoted a recent phrase. Parcels left the team.

Communication and collaboration between Ireland and Tony Sparano ended when Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland secretly interviewed Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. Even their wives stopped talking. Sparano was later fired.

Ireland soon had problems communicating and collaborating with new coach Joe Philbin. So did Philvin, new football manager Dawn Aponte and general manager Denis Hickey. As Philbin did with his full team leading to Bullygate.

By 2016, everyone was still inadequate in communication and collaboration. “The story of dysfunction within the organization is over,” said Chris Greer when he was promoted to general manager to begin the next new era.

It wasn’t over. They weren’t working on the real problem. It continued until the days of Adam Gase and Mike Tannenbaum, vice president of football, and continued to steal land about who had power within the team. Each was fired three years later.

Then, in 2019, Glia hired Brian Flores as a coach. But he must have communicated properly with him and did not cooperate. Glia accepted plans for Ross and team president Tom Garfinkel to fight the season (or two seasons) by exchanging good players for draft topics.

Flores hasn’t participated in the plan since day one. He coached to win. No one in the organization stopped him. So while the dolphins sacrificed the season (currently three), Flores won two nonsensical games at the end of 2019 and lost the first draft Holy Grail.

As Ross said, Flores was fired last week on the issue of “communication and collaboration.” As if it were a new issue within the work of this team.

The problems that dolphins always have are: What’s the problem. Seriously, they haven’t seen it. They continue to paint poorly constructed homes with new paint and say it’s beautiful.

Everyone is paying attention to who the dolphins should hire as coaches. But who is the problem with dolphins now?

That’s the way.

How do they build this organization? How do they decide who is in charge? Is it Dee or Purcell? Aponte and Philbin or General Manager? Gase or Tanenbaum? Glia or Flores?

Glia or a new coach?

For Ross’s 13 years, it has not been fully revealed who will be responsible for the football team. This is step A. Get a keen football mind and a strong personality, hold them accountable, and create jobs that end these constant communication and collaboration issues.

It will end internal dysfunction. It’s the first step in the right direction. It gives everyone else the opportunity to work. Of course, it does not guarantee success.

Former dolphin owner H. Wayne Heisenga had a great job on this plan, but it didn’t work as expected. Jimmie Johnson. Nick Saban. Bill Parcells. Only Johnson left the team more slowly than he found.

But you saw why each of them was hired. You are still so, right? Has Ross hired one person every 2013 and said, “OK, this should work”? Often you crossed your fingers. But isn’t everyone thinking of a good plan to cross their fingers?

You know what’s happening right now: the same group of Ross, Glia, Garfinkel and consultant Dan Marino are interviewing potential coaches. They organize various plans and suggested staff and decide who is best here.

Given that Flores was a disciplinary defense coach, his profile would be a nice guy offense coach. Ross prefers his first coach to be promoted to reflect his business recruitment. Maybe after being burned by his first coach for 13 years, he turns to a veteran this time.

However, the coach has not solved the dolphin problem. Who is responsible for football? That is the problem. Not Glia. He is a good person. But Flores was Alpha’s personality who decided how everything worked.

Like Gase, Flores scooped up more power from the front office over the course of three years. Ross also left it to them. And do you wonder how things get dysfunctional?

Ross wants to win. He doesn’t know how to do that. He didn’t do that from the beginning when he allowed a marketing guy like Dee to beat a football guy like Parcels.

“Communication and collaboration” is not the new issue that led to Flores’ dismissal. It’s an organizational issue. Who is really in charge? If Ross doesn’t fix it, he will be back here in the next few years.

coach? GM?This is a never-ending problem in dysfunctional dolphins – Reading Eagle

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