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New York (AP) — CNN reveals new information on how politicians helped his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, when faced with sexual harassment allegations earlier this year. After that, I fired Anchor Chris Cuomo on Saturday, less than a week later.

After the Attorney General of New York released details showing that he was more involved in helping his brother develop strategies and contact other journalists as he fought to continue his work, the network. Suspended the Golden Time host on Tuesday.

CNN hired a law firm for the review, but it was not identified. Lawyers recommended the removal of Chris Cuomo, and CNN chief Jeff Zucker notified the decision anchor on Saturday.

“Needless to say, these decisions aren’t easy and involve a lot of complexities,” Zucker emailed CNN staff on Saturday.

“In the process of that review, additional information was revealed,” the network said. CNN did not discuss the information or characterize whether it had anything to do with his brother.

Cuomo said on Twitter that he was disappointed with the decision.

“This isn’t the way I want to end my time on CNN, but I’ve already talked about why and how I helped my brother, so unfortunately, with the Cuomo Prime Time team. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we did, “he said.

CNN said it would continue to investigate Cuomo’s behavior “as needed”, even if it fired.

A year ago, the late Governor of New York, Mario Matthew Cuomo, had two sons flying high. As the third governor, Andrew was first praised in many circles for his treatment of pandemics. Now they are both not working.

What he learned when women accused former Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment came out, putting pressure on sources about the accuser, even though his brother was CNN’s anchor. Reported to the governor’s staff.

According to an email to an investigator working for State Attorney General Leticia James and a copy of his testimony, he was willing to help make their response to the accusation. Her office found Andrew Cuomo sexually harassing at least 11 women. The former governor resigned in August to avoid the possibility of impeachment.

Chris Cuomo and CNN have been blamed for months for their anchoring behavior. When it was first revealed in May that Anchor was talking to his brother’s adviser, the network admitted that he had violated the rules, but CNN said in a statement about his suspension earlier this week. “We also thanked him for his unique position, and he understood that he needed to put his family first and his work second.”

Records released this week by James revealed considerable details about Cuomo’s involvement — the actions acknowledged by CNN executives were even surprising to them.

Cuomo said he didn’t try to influence CNN’s own brother’s coverage, but called on James investigators to find out what information other journalists had about his accusation. Said.

It seemed to be inconsistent with the on-air statement that Cuomo issued to CNN after his brother resigned in August. “I have never called the media about my brother’s situation,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo also accused his brother of “I have never attacked or advised the woman who came out before.” According to an email record released this week, Cuomo wasn’t sure what he meant, but wrote to one of the whistleblowers, “I have a lead.” rice field.

Things have gone a long way this week since the release of the transcript. CNN aired him on Tuesday and suspended him indefinitely before firing on Saturday.

It was clearly a tough decision for Zucker, who set up Cuomo as a host for the morning show shortly after taking over to CNN in 2013 and then moved to golden time. Until this week, he was in favor of Cuomo despite criticism. “Quomo Prime Time” aired at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time between Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon’s shows and was the most acclaimed show on the network this year.

The firing leaves a significant hole in the network schedule. One of our former rivals will soon be a free agent. Brian Williams recently announced that he will leave MSNBC, which had fixed nightly newshour, when the deal ends at the end of the year.

There was always the possibility of a conflict between the Cuomo brothers as governor and another brother as a journalist. But since Chris Cuomo joined CNN, it has always been clear that he doesn’t cover anything related to his brother.

It changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. The governor made several appearances at his brother’s show, exchanging family jokes with an ethical red flag while entertaining viewers. Then they were stopped.

Veteran television executive Shelley Ross wrote a column for the New York Times in September, stating that Chris Cuomo groped for her at a party she worked for at ABC News 16 years ago. Cuomo told the newspaper, “I apologized to her then, and I meant that.”

CNN fires Chris Cuomo for helping his brother deal with the scandal – Daily Local

Source link CNN fires Chris Cuomo for helping his brother deal with the scandal – Daily Local

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