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Climbing mountains is a big part of the adventure – Daily Local

What comes down should go up first — especially when skiing.

The ski slopes are open this season, so I remember the various lifts and rides I took to access the slopes.

The most common way to reach the top of the mountain is the good old chairlift.

The lifts in the Bear Creek ski area were covered with fog and snow. (CHRIS DEVOL-Submitted Photograph)

When I started skiing in the early ’70s, most chairlifts were two-seater and had a safety bar that riders could pull down. Today, high-speed, removable quads for four and even six-seaters are standard in large areas of the West and Vermont.

The removable chair runs on two cables. In the loading area, the chair switches cables and slows down the chair, making it easier for skiers to load.

But when everyone is seated, the chair returns to the fast-moving cable, turning off the rocket and driving at a reasonable pace. As a result, skiers and boarders spend much less time on the lift line than transport.

Ride the lift at dusk in the Bear Creek ski area. (CHRIS DEVOL-Submitted Photograph)

It was a simple and obvious invention, but in many chairlifts since the 1980s, pulling down the safety bar brings down an additional bar for the skier to put the board on instead of hanging the ski in space. ..

The bail even had a lift with a windshield. Smokers loved it on those windy days.

On a trip to Killington, Vermont, while skiing one of the resort’s six separate mountains, the only chairlift that connected us to the rest of the ski area broke down. We are isolated. It was the only time I got on the bus as a lift.

Loading lifts is sometimes an adventure. Skier and snowboarder parties may be separated if one member is late to reach the lift. Or, people get half-hearted, take unstable perches, and fall a few feet into the snow.

Pole, skis, gloves and hats may be dropped if all hooders are in the lift station. The lift attendant hands the glove or pole to the skier in the next chair and returns it to the man who arrives with one pole at the top of the previous lift.

Believe it or not, at summits, the net is often available to catch skiers and their gear.

The lift attendant is ready to shut down the chair with immediate notification when things go wrong. Fellow skiers may neglect to get off at the top, then down and then back up.

We all dropped gloves from the high-flying lift. The most common items found under a chairlift are sunglasses and chapsticks.

Many chairlifts sit on top of trees, sometimes coasting more than 100 feet above the slopes. Mad River Glen, Vermont, has a chair made for one skier, and if you really want, you can touch the skier below.

In sub-zero temperatures, the rider at the bottom of the lift may be given a blanket and left at the top. To prevent frostbite, when it gets extremely cold, the lift operator checks the skier to make sure that every corner of the skin is protected and covered.

It doesn’t always snow. I wear a garbage bag in the rain. Otherwise, our ass will get wet.

Remember, believe it or not, Chasford once had a ski resort. There were no “peaks” at Chaz Peak, and skiers were able to ski from top to bottom in just a few seconds. We called it “Chazbump”.

The most basic lift, the rope tow, served the beginner’s hills. You grabbed for your beloved life. Novice skiers didn’t have to ride such an unfriendly lift. When the Roptow rider collapsed, the skier behind her quickly lost balance, causing a chain-reaction car accident-like pile-up on snowy and foggy roads.

Pomalift has served the “big” hills of Chazpeak. Timing was everything. We immediately need to ski in place, look behind and grab the opposite rods and discs running over the cable from overhead. Then pull the disc forward and push it between your legs. Then we were dragged to the top.

At the Stubai Glacier in Austria, we shared a T-bar lift ride. Think about Poma. However, the two are riding together while following an unplanned road in the snow. You don’t have to rest in the T-bar like a chair because you have to concentrate throughout the ride. You’ll want to sit down, but it’s a disaster recipe. My best friend and I fought when one of us was completely out of focus and caused most of the group to lose balance.

T-bars are popular in the European Alps because they are not damaged by strong winds and are significantly cheaper to manufacture than chairlifts.

The way to go is the cable car. These lifts carry dozens of skiers and borders. You get out of the cold and this baby runs around the tracks.

Like a cable car, you can take off your skis and ride a gondola. These wonderful lifts are completely surrounded. You are protected and about 6 skiers are surrounded by windows with stunning views.

Approximately 75 people jam while standing on the Canon tram. Everyone has skis while skiers park their skis outside the gondola and while they are on the tram. In New Hampshire, it was a messy, snowy and windy day when the tram hit the lift tower several times.

Occasionally, scenic lift rides are better than skiing. A little relaxation between runs is always a welcome rest.

It’s also fun to shout out advertising slogans from old commercials. “Hey, Susie Chapstick!” A “nice garage sale” when a woman skiing underneath is wearing a very fashionable ski suit, or when someone leaves a mark on the equipment.

Now, enjoy the ride quality before getting off. You can’t do one without the other unless you’re cross-country skiing, which looks like a real exercise. Thanks to the person who introduced the lift to the ski resort.

Don’t forget to get off the top lift while staying warm. The lift line should be short and the lift should be long.

Bill Rettew is a weekly columnist and lives in Chester County. He enjoys looking down almost as much as looking back. The best way to contact him at

Climbing mountains is a big part of the adventure – Daily Local

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