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I always thought Eric Clapton was Frank Sinatra of my generation. It’s a perfect musician who is also a kind of jerk. Being a fan of Clapton always included taking into account his personal history of impulsivity and impaired judgment: he was a former alcohol and heroin addict, and his signature song was. A plea for the love of his best friend’s wife. (Of course, my friend is former Beatles George Harrison.)

Still, I often see my wife weeping when she hears the paralyzed extended piano and guitar coder at the end. We listened to “Layla” many times and traveled to hear him perform live. Clapton’s genius is not only his pure talent, but also his ability to elicit crystalline emotions from the electric guitar.

These British — Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Fu, etc. — take the underrated African-American art form of the blues, driving it to their own sensibilities, greatly amplifying and magnificent. I took it and returned it to us. Pete Townshend talked about thinking “why?” When he suddenly realized that five broke with electrified instruments could make as loud a sound as a symphony orchestra.

Still (and there’s a sad part here) Clapton once took the stage in Birmingham, England in 1976 — a stinky drunk, he said in many subsequent apologies — and the importance of keeping Britain white. I continued to be angry about sex for a long time. Basically channeling Enoch Powell, a British fascist-oriented George Corley Wallace, he told the audience that blacks “do not belong here.”

In a 2017 interview, Clapton told Rolling Stone: He describes himself elsewhere as “doing something really offensive … I was a nuisance” and a “full tilt” racist.

Many of his black friends and music collaborators have largely forgiven Clapton — in fact, even if they were aware of the incident. After all, it was 45 years ago and never repeated.

They explain the wonderful personal warmth and generosity act on his side. Since calm, Clapton has raised an estimated $ 20 million over the past decade alone and donated it to the Crossroads Center, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility built in Antigua in 1998. His efforts helped clean thousands of people.

Nathan East, a longtime bassist who is a friend of Clapton and a black man who grew up in San Diego, said in an interview with The Washington Post that “at the Olympics, we will throw away the highest and lowest scores.” “You get a measure of who isn’t the day they did the best, not the day they did the worst.” For him, “The beauty of music is that it’s language, It really transcends color and politics. “

But the opportunity for that interview was what many Clapton fans consider to be his latest incomprehensible, perhaps unforgivable stupidity.

Do you want to be a free person

Or do you want to be a slave?

Do you wear these chains

Until you lie down in the grave?

Yes, Bruce fan Eric Clapton considered vaccination with the COVID vaccine and participation in the blockade (mandated by the Tories) as a slave. For him, true freedom is to run around without a mask and without vaccination in the midst of a global disease epidemic. Since then, he has vowed not to play where spectators need to be vaccinated. At a concert in Austin, he took a picture with Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott has little resemblance to his efforts to keep Texas vulnerable to COVID.

Sure, Clapton himself had a bad experience with the AstraZeneca vaccine, but it was probably not the best choice for someone like him (he is affected by peripheral neuropathy (nerve limb injury). ). The artist says he’s been out of hand for three weeks. This must have been scary for the 76-year-old musician, as he was already afraid of losing his ability to play.

His best friend, the famous blues guitarist Robert Cray, got angry. Bruce purist and multi-Grammy award-winning Clay sought to impress Clapton how grotesque the comparison of vaccines and slavery was. He didn’t go anywhere. Then Greg Abbott’s business began, and as such, the 35-year friendship ended. Clay has canceled a contract to open for Clapton on the 2022 tour. “I told myself, I don’t have to have a conversation,” Clay told the post. “I don’t want to deal with extreme and very selfish people.”

I think “selfishness” is just right. “Childish” would also be appropriate. The fierce monomania needed for Clapton’s artistry can’t stand the same frustration we all had to deal with during the pandemic.

Unfortunate. He was one of the great men.

Arkansas Times columnist Gene Lyons is a National Magazine Award winner and co-author of “The Hunting of the President” (St. Martin’s Press, 2000).You can send an email to Lions eugenelyons2@yahoo.com..

Clapton crosses the line again | Entertainment News

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