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Welcome to Seven in Seven. Every week, we’ll be watching shows in the area next week. As always, whether your musical taste is rock’n’roll, jazz, heavy metal, R & B, singer-songwriter or indie, there’s always something to check.

Here are the 7 best dockets for the week of April 1st.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — Friday and Saturday at Johnny Brenda’s

Alec Ounsworth and his monica Clap Your Hands Say Yeah stand out in the discussion of 21st century indie music songwriters and lyricists. Few people are consistently eclectic and intimate, but few still refuse to sign deals that undermine their artistic vision and remain rebelliously independent. These two dates at Johnny Brenda are the release of the acclaimed 2021 LP “New Fragility” deluxe edition, featuring a series of simplified alternative interpretations of the album’s highlights played on piano and acoustic guitar. It will be done following.

Viagra Boys — Saturday Underground Arts

Since its inception in 2015, the Swedish post-punk band Viagra Boys has made a name for itself by burning up stages around the world. There’s a little Iggy Pop spit, it looks, David Yow’s drunken stumbling block, and Nick Cave’s ghostly bark bite. Add a dash of 4/4 athletic ditch, a pinch of post-punk stains, and a dose of howling without waves. For all the moody and gritty calls in the costume catalog, they come back with a pair of bongos, a square synthesizer, and a wacky saxophone. Through their latest LP, “Welfare Jazz,” singer Sebastian Murphy delves into absurdity and absurdity.

Jerry Cantrell-Saturday at the music box, Sunday at the TLA

Beyond instantly identifiable riffs as well as recognizable vocals, Jerry Cantrell is always known as a songwriter first and foremost. These songs feature his influential catalog as co-founder, vocalist and lead guitarist of the iconic Alice in Chains, and as a solo artist on the latest LP “Brighten” released late last year. It is composed. Cantrell continues to put songs first, with a focus on the single “Atone”, the title track and “Siren Song”. The song is worth adding to the frontman’s repertoire, and if his early review of the run is any sign, whether it’s Atlantic City in the music box or downtown Philadelphia in the theater, live I’m looking forward to hearing in the settings of Living Arts.

Dragonforce — Tuesday’s Reverb in Reading

Known as the “fastest band in the world,” the Grammy-nominated London-based Extreme Power Metal Act DragonForce has been internationally acclaimed for its 2005 platinum sales record, Inhuman Rampage. rice field. The single “Through the Fire and Flames” was featured as the most challenging song on Guitar Hero II as the group’s energetic and humorous live performances attracted fans around the world. Their latest album, Extreme Power Metal, features uplifting choruses, catchy melodies, and inspirational guitar solos. All of these will be on display at the reverb as part of the appropriate title “Extreme Power Metal World Tour”.

Mogwai — Wednesday at the Theater of Living Arts

Scottish post-rock instrumentalist Mogwai is back with his first live performance to support the 2020 initiative “As the Love Continues.” It won the band’s first No. 1 record in the UK and the first Top 10 in the United States. The show is also their first North American performance since 2019. The latest record is a follow-up to the acclaimed “Every Country’s Sun” in 2017. In recent years, Mogwai has released a career-long retrospective entitled “Central Belters” and worked with filmmaker Mark Cousins ​​to create the soundtrack to his archive documentary “Atomic” on nuclear history. ..

Joy Crookes — Wednesday’s The Foundry

Boasting Bangladeshi and Irish traditions, South London’s proud Joy Crookes is an artist shaped by an influential and rich tapestry. She is a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and BRIT Award-nominated rising star. Contrary to her genre, her timeless vocals are reminiscent of her past era, telling her story and remorse with a presence and lyricism that can only exist today. Crookes wouldn’t do it well if she wasn’t too accustomed to the people around her. There is a clear respect for those who are physically or culturally close to her. Her story, woven into her recently released debut LP, “Skin,” includes her self-statement, whose DNA makes her shine, and a study of her relationship that shaped her.

The Yardbirds — April 7 City Winery

Since the 1960s, the legendary Yardbirds, the power of natural music, is back, taking advantage of the lasting legacy of one of rock’s most influential bands and spreading music to new horizons. Rooted in blues, but not ashamed to move into jazz, folk, rock, pop, lag, improvisation and other styles for decades, their signature song is “For Your Love”. Includes timeless classics such as “Shapes of Things” and “Train Kept” Rollin. Perhaps best known as the group that created the three legendary guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page, the current Yardbirds celebrate its history and continue to shake music lovers of today’s generation. increase.

Volume check

• Clap your hands: “where they perform miracles”

• Viagra Boys: “Girls & Boys”

• Jerry Cantrell: “Siren no Uta”

• Mogwai: “Dry Fantasy”

• Dragon Force: “Through Fire and Flame”

• Joy Crookes: “Foot Don’t Make Me Fail Now”

• The Yardbirds: “Shapes of Things”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, 2 nights at JB, 6 more show previews [Seven in Seven] – Reading Eagle

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