City-wide voter outreach rally begins on King Day | Local News

In collaboration with Philadelphia’s Urban League, Mayor Omar Sabir is bringing together several groups and elected officials for a city-wide voter outreach event on Monday’s Martin Luther King Junior Day.

Other participating organizations include Philadelphia’s African-American Museum, Browns Shoplight, Philadelphia’s Community College, Women’s Voters’ Federation, Philadelphia Building Trade, Philadelphia NAACP, and PA Youth Voting. Elected civil servants include: Senator Vincent Hughes, City Councilor Curtis Jones, Isaiah Thomas. And Common Pleas Judge Sierra Thomas Street.

Sabir announced at a Zoom press conference on Friday. The next location will be King Day by the group from noon to 2:00 pm. Parkside Avenue Shop Light, Island Avenue Shop Light, Ridge Avenue Shop Light, Monument Avenue Fresh Grocer, Wayne Junction NAACP Headquarters, 52nd Avenue and Market Street, S. Broad Street Kimmel Center, Temple University, Philadelphia African American Museum (From 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm).

“We are trying to build some excitement around Martin Luther King Day,” Sabir said. “The king sacrificed his life for us to have the right to vote.” We must keep our dreams alive. “

The effort is even more urgent, with news that President Joe Biden told the news media this year that he was uncertain whether the Democratic election law could pass parliament.

Philadelphia will hold a primary election for the Governor on May 17th. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Rev. Tegaswan are Democrats in the polls, along with several Republicans, including Louverletta, Dagmastriano, Charlie Gero, and former US Attorney William. McSwain.

However, Pennsylvania residents also vote for US Senators, US Senators, State Senators, State Senators, and judges. In the November 8 general election, voters will see two candidates for the Vice Governor. A 32-year-old McKeesport Congressman Austin Davis and Philadelphia’s Brian Sims Congressman. Davis was the first African-American to do the job, and Sims was the first openly gay in that position.

Judge Street said voters should never underestimate the importance of the government’s judiciary.

“The court protects the minority from the majority,” Street said. “The court protects those who cannot protect themselves. Whenever there is a dispute, the court intervenes.”

As an example, she quoted the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday. This breaks Biden’s national corporate obligations and ensures that employees are vaccinated.

However, the court also considered affirmative action, discrimination in education, housing, voting rights, and pauses and vigor.

Dennis Nicholson, director of Philadelphia’s Urban League re-entry program, said:

At each of these outreach locations, Philadelphia residents register for voting, request a mailed vote for the next 2022 election, get help filling out a form, and other Philadelphia voting and elections. Information is available.

City-wide voter outreach rally begins on King Day | Local News

Source link City-wide voter outreach rally begins on King Day | Local News

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