City approves AFSCME contracts, pool liners, lease contracts | Local

Williamsport, Pennsylvania – City Council last Thursday approved a worker contract for the U.S., County, and Municipal Employees’ Federation (AFSCME), approval for the installation of a new pool liner, and an intergovernmental lease, according to Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter. bottom.

AFSCME It is a union that represents civil servants.

“Approval of the AFSCME contract can save taxpayers’ expenses while at the same time demonstrating their commitment to the city’s dedicated employees,” says Slaughter. The contract included city hall, street and park employees.

According to the mayor, the memorial pool is approaching repairs and is ready for the 2022 summer season. The city council has approved the installation of a new pool liner with a 10-year warranty, saving costs associated with maintenance and maintenance. The liner will be installed this spring.

An intergovernmental lease between the city and the Williamsport Transport Bureau (RVT) was also approved at a city council meeting last Thursday.

“This lease is for a management office that has been relocated due to a flood in the city hall,” Slaughter said.

Other city council projects include:

  • Office of Public Works approval to dispose of two 2000 dump trucks that have reached the end of their useful life.
  • Adopting Williamsport’s Heart and Soul Pier Report and Action Plan.

In the first reading, the council passed the creation of a city budget in 2022 with the Land Bank authorities, but not all council members were satisfied.

Councilor Adam Yoder expressed dissatisfaction with the current budget.

“Last year’s council was tasked with reducing the largest tax increase in urban history in the midst of the worst economic crisis of the century, and no solution was proposed on how to deal with structural deficiencies in the budget. “It was,” said Councilor Yoda.

“I didn’t think it was fair to close the city because the government failed to solve the basic structural problems in the city’s budget, so I voted for that budget. A year later, we The same budget will be presented as a structural issue and there is no solution yet to address these issues, and less time than last year, one of these issues we are declining. There is less information to work on to deal with it. ”

Each of these ordinances (the creation of the Land Bank Authority and the 2022 budget) requires two readings and will be on the agenda of the city council this Thursday.

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City approves AFSCME contracts, pool liners, lease contracts | Local

Source link City approves AFSCME contracts, pool liners, lease contracts | Local

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