Citizens Bank Opens New Flagship Financial Center | Business

Center City is home to the new Citizens Bank flagship store with social equity-themed murals and community meeting spaces.

“This is the flagship that really solidifies the location of our Center City,” said President Daniel K. Fitzpatrick of the Mid-Atlantic region on Tuesday afternoon at the Grand Opening Event.

“This is one of a total of 45 branches in Philadelphia, 17 of which are in the low to middle income census zone, because Philadelphia is known to be in the neighborhood. We need to be everywhere in the city, and like we do, having a flagship is great. “

1835 Market St.’s new financial center offers an integrated experience of banking, business and investment.

Citizens have planned a new branch in light of the growing demand for social justice and fairness over the past year.

“We have certainly experienced a COVID pandemic, but the issues of social justice and inequality in our county have also come to the forefront, and of course so,” Fitzpatrick said. It was.

“These are the challenges we citizens want to embrace, and the leadership of our city.

“It’s about social justice, equality, equality, justice, it’s Philadelphia, and so is the public, because everyone is working hard and doing well,” he continued.

“Diversity is Philadelphia’s greatest competitive advantage.”

The bank has partnered with Mural Arts Philadelphia to commission a mural on the theme of social equity that talks about citizens’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness. The colorful murals created by artist Felix St. Fort accentuate the phrase “we are all citizens.”

“Themes they gave me during the pandemic, they were some heavy themes, and I just didn’t want to approach those themes in a way that discouraged me,” St. Fort said. Told.

“So it was like I made it bright and very uplifting, giving everyone a great opportunity to just interpret it in their own way.”

The new center was designed with state-of-the-art technology for direct or virtual meetings with advisors and bankers, as well as seminars and spacious meeting areas for communities and nonprofits.

“On behalf of Citizens Bank, I know this place is a very symbolic strategic place in many ways,” said Mayor Jim Kenney.

“For decades, Citizens Bank has been one of the city’s leading corporate partners and leaders in a variety of areas, providing residents, businesses, and the city itself with the best banking products, services, and advice. I’ve done it. “

“This new financial center shows what a smart business plan, vision, and marriage as a good corporate citizen should look like,” he continued.

“I was particularly impressed by the fact that last year’s social unrest prompted citizens to capture the moment of what happened throughout the county.”

Citizens Bank Opens New Flagship Financial Center | Business

Source link Citizens Bank Opens New Flagship Financial Center | Business

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