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Philadelphia, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire /- Circonas, Built for modern enterprises, today announced that it has expanded its telemetry intelligence capabilities to enhance support for edge computing, 5G applications, and IoT deployments. The latest release of the Circonus Platform contains innovative patented weightlessness data A technology specifically designed to address the challenges of processing and analyzing large datasets generated by IoT and edge deployments.

With this latest release, Circonus will be the only distributed full-stack observable and intelligence platform with flexible deployment options for cloud, private cloud, and on-premises implementations. It is also the only solution with an integrated ingestion pipeline and time series database, capable of processing billions of time series and trillions of measurements per second. This is essential for large-scale monitoring of today’s modern architectures and applications. Circonus uses a distributed processing model to move observability and intelligence to the source. This significantly reduces latency, improves visibility, and speeds up real-time analysis and queries.

The surveillance industry is changing rapidly. By 2022, Gartner will have 50% of its enterprise-generated data created and processed outside of traditional data centers or the cloud, up from less than 10% in 2019, and 75% by 2025. It reports that it may reach. As soon as telemetry data accumulates at the edge, its overwhelming mass makes it impossible to collect and send to a centralized platform for monitoring and analysis. This is a phenomenon often referred to as “data gravity”. This compromises the telemetry, quantity, and frequency of collection, reduces visibility, increases problem resolution time, and outdateds analysis and query data.

Circonus zero gravity data

Zero gravity data optimizes the entire Circuitus platform, from capture to analytics to storage, for the best possible performance when processing distributed edge-to-edge telemetry on a large scale. The company has developed innovative technologies and techniques that work together to neutralize the effects of gravity on the data. Gives data a “weightless” effect, eliminating the inherent challenges and limitations associated with large datasets.

These innovations include:

Broker technology. Compact and efficient Circonus brokers enable real-time, large-scale data collection from any data source, from data centers to clouds, edge servers, and even the smallest IoT sensors and devices.

Edge processing. Depending on your operational requirements, Circonus moves processes, such as analytics and queries, to the data, rather than trying to move the data to the process. Circonas fault and anomaly detection can be performed at the edge for true real-time streaming analysis.

Patented data compression technology. When data needs to be moved, Circonus uses a patented log-linear histogram technique to radically compress the size of that data. This not only enables ultra-fast data collection, transmission, and ingestion, but also dramatically reduces the amount of hardware and computing resources required to process and store data (up to 75%). ) Is possible.

Gravity-aware query. When the data is ingested from the broker, the data is stored in Circonus IRONdb (a high performance time series database) where the data is optimized for the best possible query performance. In a multi-node IRONdb cluster, innovative “gravity awareness” technology moves the query to the node where the required data resides, eliminating the need for additional data movement.

“Containerization and edge processing are blurring the line between IT and IoT,” he said. Bob Mall, CEO, Circonus. “Companies want to be able to quickly build, deploy, and run applications in the most effective locations, such as data centers, clouds, edges, and manufacturing floors, without sacrificing control and performance. Circonus is complete. A powerful, integrated platform that delivers the entire enterprise footprint with command and visibility, giving enterprises today a level of valuable insight that has never been pioneered. You can win, deploy and innovate quickly with confidence, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage. “

Circonus is a telemetry monitoring and analytics platform built for modern enterprises. Circonus provides very clear, real-time visibility into the behavior, state, trends and performance of traditional infrastructure and cloud-based technologies in one powerful integrated platform. Leaded by experts in large-scale distributed systems and data science, Circonus leverages large-scale telemetry data across the enterprise to drive smarter operations, deploy faster, and make better decisions. We are pioneering ways to confidently provide mission-critical services. For more information and to create a free account, please visit:

Circonus extends powerful full-stack observability for edge computing, 5G applications, and IoT deployments | State

Source link Circonus extends powerful full-stack observability for edge computing, 5G applications, and IoT deployments | State

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