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The golden maple trees reflected in the lake were breathtaking as I remembered my daughters and I sitting on a large rock and overlooking the brilliance of nature. In the distance, I saw a statue-like white Great Egret that landed in a swamp in search of a feast. And we were in awe to see the still-blooming water lilies resting brilliantly on the quiet, dusty blue sea.

Bundled in an oversized cozy sweater, the laughter of my children brought joy to my heart, and we joked and joked, looking up at the grandeur of the heavens above us. We shared stories and fantasized together.

A relaxed and happy middle-aged girl stared at me through her new rectangular glasses and declared, “I like to sit quietly here and look up at the sky … it clears my heart.”

With a smile, I agreed and nodded. Then she asked, “How can we make our lives easier … uh, can we make it easier?” Her bright blue eyes looked for my answer.

I put my arm around her shoulder in a pink fleece. “Well, honey, what brings you the greatest happiness?” I asked her and hugged her near me.

And I said, “Every day God gives us is a gift. It is precious and we simplify our lives by doing the most important things.”

Did my daughter understand? After that, I emphasized that point by telling a story I read many years ago in the book “The Life of Benjamin Franklin”. I explained to my daughters that his friend gave him some money when Benjamin Franklin was seven years old. Immediately, he hurried to a store selling toys. But along the way, he met a boy who was blowing a whistle. Youthful Benjamin was fascinated by the sound. So he gave the boy all of his money in exchange for the whistle.

When Benjamin returned home, he blew a high-pitched whistle and enjoyed it. But the stinging sound that echoed throughout the house bothered his family. In addition, his family told him that when he knew how much Benjamin paid for the whistle, he foolishly gave him four times the value of the whistle.

After that, the whistle lost its charm. Disturbed, Benjamin asked himself, “What else could I do with the rest of the money?” And he was only seven years old, but he hurriedly made a wise choice. I realized I didn’t.

My daughters listened to all my words. “Still,” I said. “Benjamin Franklin never forgot the lesson.” As the years went by, he himself observed what others did, what was sacrificed, and what was tolerated in their time. I thought, “They are giving too much to their whistling.” Moreover, throughout his life, Franklin often reminded himself, “Don’t give too much to whistle,” when encountering different people, situations, and experiences.

The message of the story seemed clear to my daughters. Time passes our fingers so fast that sometimes we just ask ourselves, “Stop. Wait a moment.” And “What are you giving the whistle?”

The Bible says: Or what does a person give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26.

God has left you 24 hours and 168 hours a week. There are incredible possibilities in your future. You have immense potential, amazing skills and talents. So how do you spend the time God has given you?

Slow down today and watch everything you do carefully. Think of anything that is “truthful, noble, correct, pure, and beautiful” (Philippians 4: 8). Prioritize people, places, and things that pay time and attention, and make them highly selective. “Our attitude toward life determines our attitude toward life.” (Earl Nightingale)

  • take care.
  • Take your time in your spiritual life.
  • Please enjoy with your family.
  • Build a relationship.
  • Let’s make memories.
  • Give to others.

Thank you for what is most important to you and grow up. Remember, you can’t please everyone. Your responsibility is to please God. So protect yourself from all the influence that keeps you away from the rich life that God wants you to live.

When the first two daughters were small, we bought them a double stroller. So when we walked outside every day, the girls were sitting next to each other. God is by your side, as my daughters were lined up. God loves you His hands are on you and he has a new store of blessings and joys in your future.

“First seek God’s kingdom and righteousness …” (Matthew 6:33) And focus on God all day long. When you have the right focus, it will simplify your life and you will live a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life. “Trust the past in God’s mercy, the present in God’s love, and the future in God’s providence.” (St. Augustine)

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Choose about what you do in your time – Daily Local

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