Children and Money: She won a $ 20,000 Coca-Cola University scholarship.This is her way [Column] | Money

For weeks after applying for a $ 20,000 college scholarship offered by the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation, Hananir Morinville was numb.

Morinville, who attends Vanderbilt University, was a senior high school president, several school club presidents, and a talented violinist and pianist. Her average grade ranked in the top 5% at Seaney Mission North High School in Overland Park, Ganzhou.

“I was very nervous,” Morinville said. “There was $ 20,000 on the line.”

Finally, when she was nominated for the 2021 Coca-Cola scholarship, her wait ended this spring — among 150 high school seniors across the country.

Achievement-based scholarships are one of the most coveted university economic awards, attracting more than 100,000 applicants annually. The odds of winning are about 1%, which can be daunting even for the most qualified students.

Still, Morinville’s debate coach and her school’s English teacher were among those who urged her to ask for it. She was also motivated to apply after reading the biography of previous winners posted on the Foundation’s website.

“If people aged 17 and 18 can do it, I can do it,” she thought.

That’s why 18-year-old Morinville applied last summer to understand her academic performance, great involvement in extracurricular activities, and leadership skills, including the establishment of a school program called the Racial Equality Union, and a better shot than anyone else. Gave.

After several rounds, including an interview at Zoom where Cole fell and writing an essay, Morinville received the news she wanted in March. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I started running and jumping.”

Many high school students may find it a waste of time to apply for large national scholarships such as those offered by the Coca-Cola and Gates Foundations, but Morinville said it was a mistake. Many successes come from being organized, motivated, and believing in yourself.

Some of her scholarship suggestions:

  • I know your deadline. For example, the Coca-Cola Scholarship Program will be open to applicants from August 1st and the window will close at the end of October.
  • When writing an essay, be genuine, speak out, and tell a story. “Don’t write about French clubs on page 2 or about recycling on page 3,” she said. “It must be a cohesive story.”
  • “Don’t throw anything together at the last minute,” balance the time, Morinville said.
  • Just because she wasn’t chosen doesn’t mean she’s not qualified, she said. Continue to challenge. There are many scholarships that are no longer used each year.

Morinville, who will major in political science and history, wants to be a lawyer. But her daughter or Haitian immigrant said her true passion was politics, which wanted to make a difference in defending human and civil rights issues.

How does she spend the last few weeks of her summer vacation before going to college? By teaching the next high school senior in their college application essay.

Clarification of child and car insurance

Paul Calamari of Lake Zurich, Illinois, suggested an explanation of my recent column, including car insurance advice for parents with college students.

“I had some detailed conversations with my agent and a friend who is an experienced agent,” Calamari said. “Everything is the same. Unless you have a dedicated vehicle that only your child can drive, your child will go to college, so it’s much more cost-effective to completely remove it from the policy as a targeted driver. . “

This is because, contrary to common belief, insurance coverage follows the car, not the specific driver. “So if your kids come back from college for only a few weeks a year, they can still drive your main car and be covered,” he said.

Children and Money: She won a $ 20,000 Coca-Cola University scholarship.This is her way [Column] | Money

Source link Children and Money: She won a $ 20,000 Coca-Cola University scholarship.This is her way [Column] | Money

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