Chicano Batman to play union transfer in Philadelphia

Welcome to Seven in Seven. In this space, we’ll be watching shows every Thursday, usually next week, in the area. And because of the current pandemic, they aren’t completely yet, while the venue doors are slowly opening again. It doesn’t mean that the music will stop, but new releases are coming out every week from the artists you know and love and the artists you’re waiting to discover. Every week, take a look at some of the region’s most popular shelves and streaming services and host a show you can’t miss.

Whether your musical taste is rock’n’roll, jazz, heavy metal, R & B, singer-songwriter or indie, there’s always something to check. The contents of the docket for the week of December 10 are as follows.

This week’s show

Chicano Batman – Union Transfer – December 15th

Perhaps beyond the biggest name in music history, Chicano Batman is actually a great band. The always fertile Los Angeles-born psychedelic soul group brings merchandise on a daily basis when it comes to quality live shows. Funk, soul, all included.

New release

Fleet Foxes — “Very Lonely Solstice”

First released in vinyl, CD and digital formats, “A Very Lonely Solstice” captures inspirational moments. This recording was originally broadcast as a live stream event at the winter solstice of 2020. A few days after New York re-declared a state of emergency in response to the increase in COVID-19. FF frontman Robin Pecknold describes the set as “alone on the longest night of the year … nylon strings and old and new songs celebrating 2020’s loneliness.” Fans around the world found and tuned in comfort and a sense of community at a very isolated time while isolated at home.

Josh Sinton — “b”

It took two days to record the album “b”, but it took 30 years to prepare. Solo saxophone records are fairly common in the creative music world, but it’s their mundane nature that gave Josh Sinton a pause. “There are plenty of solo saxophone albums of all kinds in the world,” he said in a statement. “It took me a long time to find what I could offer, something I could put in a public square that wasn’t there yet.” When I hear “b”, it sounds pretty good.

Rising Insane — “Afterglow”

The big earthquake is over, but the earth is still shaking. Sounds like a “laugh”, but Rising Insane’s new “Afterglow” reflects more deeply the process of dealing with psychological problems than ever before, with acoustic anger, despair, and the hopes needed. Produces sparks. Said.

Feral Vices — “with offering” EP

After the collapse of two different bands, a friend Alexander Hoagland, who happened to be in charge of guitar and vocals, and drummer Justin Cotner renewed his energy and drove with Ferral Vice. The pair had the simple goal of making the music they wanted to hear. This made it a free place to love and a comfortable place for conversations with other two-piece bands like Royal Blood. The 1979 Death From Above, with an impact not seen in bands like The Jesus Lizard and Refused. The new EP “With Offerings” is the latest “offering” from the alternative rock duo in Louisville, Kentucky, with plenty of headbanging riffs and unique melodies.

Acid tongue — “Arboretum”

Seattle-based Acid Tongue’s new LP, Arboretum, is part of glam rock opus, a mixtape, and has taken an important step for bands familiar with the line between psychedelic and power pop. LP’s talent laundry list includes Death Valley Girls from Los Angeles’ psychedelic garage classic “Take Me to Your Leader” and Canadian singer-songwriter Calvin Love from Discore Sem “All Out of Time.” increase. Introspective “Won’t Walk Back” rockers, naked giants and much more.

Aquilus — “Bellum I”

Following the quiet release of 2011’s debut album “Griseus” and the popular vinyl release of LP two years later, the mysterious atmosphere of Australian metal band Aquilus is the most whispered secret in the metal world. It became one of. For the past decade, the band has been enthusiastic about developing epic sophomore masterpieces. Opus grew so fiercely that it was decided to split the work into two parts, culminating in the release of this year’s first album “Bellum I”. Multi-instrumentation and configuration complexity.

Volume check

Chicano Batman — “Black Lipstick”

Fleet Foxes — “Sun Blinds”

Josh Sinton — “b.1.iv”

Rising Insane — “Afterglow”

Barbaric Vicious — “Laydown”

Acid Tongue — “All Time Out”

Aquilis — “There’s the Rubble”

Chicano Batman to play union transfer in Philadelphia

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