Chicago White Sox wins 5 straight wins in 10 innings – Reading Eagle

This is the type of win that the team remembers when building a successful season.

The Chicago White Sox went down, but didn’t appear on Saturday against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

The White Sox gathered to pull the match apart, following the run in 9th place. They took the lead in 10th place with José Abreu and Luis Robert’s RBI, with an impressive 3-1 comeback victory in front of 33,026.

“We had a really tough April, and winning this kind of game gives us hope,” Robert said through an interpreter. “Our hopes are rising, our confidence is rising. Everything is going well.”

The White Sox fell 1-0 to finish in 9th place. Jake Burger walked, Adam Engel doubled, and became a runner with no outs in 2nd and 3rd place. Burger scored a goal to the right with a sacrifice fly by second baseman Leury Garcia.

Robert ran through Christian Vazquez’s hit in the bottom nine gap, limiting him to a double and stopping Jackie Bradley Jr. in third to play great.

“As soon as I saw the ball hit, I knew I was a fast runner at first, so I did my best to reach the ball and get it back on the field,” Robert said.

The hit put the Red Sox runners in 2nd and 3rd place. However, Reynaldo Lopez hit Bobby Dalbec and Trevor Story jumped into Garcia.

“I tried to make the pitch calm, relaxed and able to get out of the pitch,” Lopez said through an interpreter.

AJ Pollock started in 10th place in 2nd place, and Abreu made him home with his second hit. Robert continued his RBI single to 3-1.

“My spirit was trying to move Abreu to third base. Fortunately, I hit and found a hole,” Robert said.

Liam Hendriks took the perfect 10th place on his ninth save as the White Sox won five straight games.

“It was one of the games you had to fight,” said Socks starter Dylan Cease. “To delay it, we didn’t give up, we fought to the end and did it.”

Socks went 8-12 in April However, it rebounded at the beginning of May and returned to .500 (13-13).

“We need a team to win these games that we’ve played with pitching, defense and timely hits after a bad month,” Lopez said.

The starting pitcher was early on, and Case allowed eight strikeouts in five innings and one run in four hits in three walks. He finished after throwing 101 pitches.

“I mixed pretty well,” he said. “I wasn’t the most sensitive at my command, but we were able to mix and crush it and keep it.”

The canceled outing was the latest successful start of the White Sox. The White Sox starter had an average of .197 opponents in the last 11 games and a 2.51 ERA with 65 strikeouts. They then allowed 16 earned runs in 57⅓ innings.

Veteran Johnny Cueto could deepen his pitching during the 18 games of the 17 days, where he continues to work for Triple A Charlotte.

Dallas Keuchel, Michael Kopech and Lucas Giolito could be pitchers for the next three games. Wednesday’s starter will be decided with Vince Velasquez — Impressive Win his last two starts — And Cueto in the options.

On Saturday, the starter and relief came along with some slow clutch at-bats to give the White Sox a striking victory.

“It was a very close match, so there were so many important moments,” said Socks manager Tony La Russa. “The biggest impression I got was that I really worked hard to win the game. Like (Red Sox), we were really working to win and were rewarded.

“We kept trying to push throughout the match and (Red Sox starter Nick Pivetta) kept us out. We kept pushing and (had) a rally in the second half and the team worked hard. The effort paid off. It makes it special. It proves that I’ve been talking to you about them: heart, guts, talent. “


Chicago White Sox wins 5 straight wins in 10 innings – Reading Eagle

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