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In some ways, the trade deadline is a reflection of how the Chicago White Sox’ 2022 season has developed.

The general expectation was that the Sox would make a move or two on Tuesday to help them pursue their third straight postseason appearance.

However, the Sox were unable to sign further contracts.

“Frankly, I am disappointed that more could not have been done to improve this club,” said general manager Rick Hahn. “At this point a year ago, as we’ve seen over the last few years, perhaps the last 20 years, it’s our nature to try to improve this club whenever we get the chance.

“And unfortunately, I didn’t get to line up with some of my other potential targets. Anyone feeling some level of frustration or disappointment, I’m with you.”

The Sox improved to 52-51 in a 9-2 win over the Kansas City Royals at Guaranteed Rate Field on Tuesday. There were times when the team seemed to be turning a corner and just took a step back.

The Sox are two games behind the Minnesota Twins and one game behind the second-placed Cleveland Guardians in the American League Central.

Socks were added to the bullpen on Monday, Boston Red Sox Acquire Lefty Jake DeakmanHowever, they didn’t address attacks, or other areas that were consistently inconsistent in their run generation.

“This year was a different market,” Hahn said. “I don’t know if it’s a by-product of having more playoff teams than in the past, or the wildcard round being best of three as opposed to more coin-tossing games. That probably led to them being a little more aggressive in terms of their asking price.

“Some of the players that people thought would be moved were individual team choices, but for some reason they weren’t moved. increase.”

Hahn said the organization’s “track record shows it’s not afraid to make deals.”

“We are not afraid to be aggressive. We are not afraid to create a priority list, move just below the list and at some point settle on a good and right price for the exchange.” He said. “Throughout this process, I never feel that we were somehow catching prospects or that we were unreasonable. Many of the premium prospects were asked in exchange for rentals that would not make sense in the future.

“You, sitting in this chair, have not only today’s responsibilities, but also tomorrow’s responsibilities. It could be. But I think our track record shows that if there was an opportunity to improve the present, we moved towards it. There was no.”

With a 4.23 ERA, 51 strikeouts, and 30 walks in 38⅓ innings, Diekmann is tied for 11th in the AL in 44 appearances.

“I would probably want to come back four or six times,” he said. “I was very consistent, I hit my spots and just missed them on the right side of the plate. increase.

“My goal is to throw as many pitches as possible. I feel like I’m getting paid that way. If they want to throw me 70, so be it.”

The addition of Diekmann to the 26-man roster was one of six moves announced by the Sox on Tuesday.

They also reinstated center fielder Luis Roberto from the 10-day injured list. Returned third baseman Jake Burger from rehab duties to bring him back from 10-day IL and triple-A Charlotte. Option pitcher Davis Martin to Charlotte. Pitcher Tobias Myers claimed to have stripped Waiver from the San Francisco Giants and assigned him to Charlotte. and sent pitcher Vince Velázquez to Charlotte on a rehab assignment.

Robert was in IL as far back as July 19 with blurred vision.

“The most important thing is that the symptoms are gone. , I think it’s probably not a very satisfying way to say he was suffering from the effects of the virus, but the reality is that he had several vitamin deficiencies that we can’t deal with. It was possible, and that was related to the cause of his symptoms, and fortunately those symptoms disappeared.”

With a season full of IL trips across the roster, Hahn wants the core to stay healthy and productive.

“The thing is, we still have a lot of faith in this group that’s inside this clubhouse,” Hahn said. “They are very capable of playing better baseball than we’ve seen in the first few months, and we feel a potential championship team is out there if they reach the level of performance they’re used to.”

Dylan Seeds wins Honors of the Month for second year in a row

For the second month in a row, Sox starter Dylan Sees was named the American League Pitcher of the Month. Cease went 5-1 with a 0.76 ERA and 40 strikeouts in six starts in July. All three runs he allowed were solo home runs.

The right-handed pitcher is the first pitcher in franchise history to win the award twice in the same season.

The season has 11 wins and 4 losses, an ERA of 2.01, and 161 strikeouts in 21 games this season.


Chicago White Sox unable to make more additions before trade deadline – Leading Eagle

Source link Chicago White Sox unable to make more additions before trade deadline – Leading Eagle

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