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Last month, when everyone predicted that the Chicago White Sox would flee in the American League Central, general manager Rick Hahn expressed concern about the possibility of a “slightly rocky” start.

“The nature of the off-season, the shortening of spring, and the sudden schedule forecasts at the beginning of the year can cause some fluctuations in the address book and affect performance,” Hahn said on Monday afternoon. “I never expected to lose six games in a row (win) after losing eight games in a row. But we haven’t completely found the foot of the sea and this team has a complete identity. What you haven’t found is not a complete shock. “

In fact, the socks team already had a forged identity during their participation in the 2021 postseason. But recently, I’ve seen us show that cheeky attitude towards the world.

Six consecutive wins made it possible, and the return of third baseman Yoan Moncada and relief Joe Kelly from the injured list on Monday was only added to the team’s stride.

Switch hitter Monkada may not be able to solve all of the early problems with right-handed players. Kelly needs to prove that he has returned completely in about six and a half months after suffering a nerve injury to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series. Still, these are two valuable ingredients in this White Sox stew.

Socks returned to summer-like weather on Monday and started home stands against the Cleveland Guardians and the New York Yankees. Michael Kopech, who has dominated since joining the rotation after his sabbatical in the bullpen last season, took the mound against the Guardians in search of his first victory.

Despite the glittering 1.17ERA of the socks, it makes sense to treat Kopek with children’s gloves — 23 innings on the first five starts. But does manager Tony La Russa foresee Kopek pitching eight or nine times this season?

“If you predict what he will get today, you’re fooling yourself or someone,” Larusa said before the start of Monday. “If he’s cruising, he can throw a 7 or 8 if he has a fast out. If not, it’s probably half that.

“We know the reality that this is his first (complete) year as a starter. It’s a long season, so as long as we extend him, we’ll be careful.”

Kopek showed frustration at the dugout after being removed in the last five innings with the Cubs at Wrigley Field, but later said he understood that Socks were looking for their own well-being. ..

It’s hard to come out when you’re barely hit. Kopek limited right-handed batters to an average of .114 on Monday, with no extra-base hits.

“I don’t think he’s brought anything near his” A “game yet, and he’s an absolutely dominant man,” fellow starter Dylan Cease said on Monday. “If he clicks on every cylinder, it would be scary.”

Kopek said he may be on his way to the first all-star selection, but is re-learning how to become a regular starter for the first time since 2018. Pandemic-The 2020 season has been shortened.

“He was clearly already a good pitcher and was doing it because of the gush from the bullpen,” Seeds said. “But now it’s the next step through the lineup several times. He absolutely has something to do with it.”

When Kopek and Monkada sent Ace’s Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox at the 2016 Winter Meeting, it was only a minute later that Hahn became the first two prospects he had acquired for reconstruction. .. Both players were unable to withstand the initial hype due to injuries and COVID-19-related absenteeism, but Kopek played eight times in 2022, while Monkada played only four full seasons. It’s easy to forget that you started your career.

If the promised land is in the sock docket, both players must be important gears for the ride.

Socks chose Jake Burger as Triple A Charlotte and opened the Monkada roster. Kelly replaced Relief Aaron Bummer, who was retroactively placed in IL on Saturday with a sprained right knee.

“A little weird thing that happened in Boston,” said Bamar. “I felt something on the last two pitches. We’re definitely playing it wisely. We’re playing safely this time of the year and we’re not trying to push anything. It’s healthy in the long run. “

Kelly’s Health is watching the $ 17 million deal with the option in 2024 after Hahn signed a veteran for two years in March. Kelly once cooked a crayfish and suffered a back injury For his teammates in 2019.

“He was cooking Cajun food,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “I think he stood a little longer than I expected. That’s what he told me.”

With a series of endless premature injuries, Socks hopes to keep Kelly away from the stove in 2022. Give him a takeaway menu from many of our finest restaurants.

It didn’t hurt. The Red Sox has become an expert in overcoming obstacles over the last two seasons. Their early hardship may be just a moment coming in October.

“One of the great things about this game is over the long summer, when the team’s true talent and true abilities tend to dominate,” Hahn said.

Summer arrived at the beginning of Monday, interrupting our miserable Chicago spring.

I hope it’s long.


Chicago White Sox regained their bang as reinforcements, and warm weather finally arrived – Reading Eagle

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