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AJ Pollock hit the left wing line with a long fly.

For some time, the Chicago White Sox seemed to lead in eight innings of Game 1 in a split doubleheader with the Cleveland Guardians.

However, the ball continued to get caught and caused a foul. Just as the socks situation changed in part of this season.

Socks didn’t score eighth and the game remained a draw. The Guardians broke through the closer Liam Hendriks 3 in the 9th inning, winning 7-4 in front of 18,518 in the Guaranteed Rate Field.

Socks followed up what manager Tony La Russa described as a “severe defeat” with what he called a “very brave victory.”

And it was Pollock who succeeded in the second half of Game 2, and Socks won 5-4 in the split.

His strong grounder bounced off the glove of third baseman Arnie Clement and bounced off the left fielder for his eighth two-run single, giving the socks a lead.

“I was just about to hit the line drive in the middle of the field,” Pollock said. “I got a Frisbee slider (of Cleveland rescuer Nick Sandlin). He’s pretty tough on justice. I was trying to stay that way as much as possible.

“It set it apart, but the mechanic held enough that I could do something, hit a decent ball and give myself a chance, and it worked. “

Socks found a way to rally and win a doubleheader split after almost wasting Lance Lynn’s powerful outings.

Lynn allowed three hits, hit six, and walked once in six scoreless innings. It was the best performance of the season. He had 8.10 ERA in the previous 5 starts.

“What I’ve been working on is starting to click, and that’s all you can do,” Lynn said. “I have to keep working in between the start. Hopefully it’s good to put my foot down here later in the game to help me win the ball game.

“I came back and took a break to put my feet down by doing what we were working on. And focus on what you need, some mechanical things. You could, and now everything just goes out and pitches. “

The Red Sox were 3-0 with 7 RBIs and 6 RBIs with Eloy Jimenez’s home run, following Yoan Moncada’s 2 RBIs (3 RBIs for Base Road Walk and 5 RBIs for RBI singles).

However, the Guardians recorded four runs for the seventh time.

Clement hit the RBI single and Myles Straw had a two-out triple to the right against relief José Ruiz, putting the Guardians on the run.

Steven Kwan played a single against Reynaldo Lopez and scored a go-a-head run with Amed Rosario’s triple.

Socks loaded the base on two out of eight. Sandrin confronted Pollock, who delivered the hit that Socks urgently needed.

“They knew it was a one-run game and we had a shot,” La Russa said. “They made it happen.”

The Guardians tied in grand in 3rd place and scored 2 outs in 9th place, but Kwan was in line with second baseman Josh Harrison.

“His toughness is in line with his talent,” La Russa said of Matt Foster, who had a save.

Saturday’s opening round was also ups and downs for Socks.

Socks lag behind 4-1 before tying 3 in 7th place.

Nolan Jones started in 9th place in the Hustle Double and came in 2nd place ahead of the throw from right fielder Gavin Sheets. Jones went wild pitched to 3rd place and scored a goal in the center with Josh Naylor’s single. It snapped Hendrix’s 15⅓ scoreless inning streak.

Kwan hit the RBI single to the left and the final run, which was scored by José Ramirez’s sacrifice fly, flew to the right.

“They will attack,” La Russa said. “They had a pitch to hit and they didn’t miss them. That’s what they did (sock starter Johnny Cueto) and that’s how they play.”

Quet allowed 7 innings, 8 hits, 4 runs and 3 goals. All four came fifth.

Kwan tied the game with a one-out double to the left and Andres Jimenez brought a single to the right with a two. The throw to the plate of the seat bounced over catcher Seby Zavala, and Jimenez went to third place with an error, scoring with Ramirez’s sacrifice fly.

“I was unlucky,” Quet said of the fifth time. “I gave up the inning (to Jones) for a walk and then started hitting the catcher (Austin Hedges) with a hit by pitch, and it rolled.”

Socks drew the game and hit the game five times in a row for the seventh time.

Both Harrison and Monkada drove in one run against relief Eli Morgan and put the socks in one run. Andrew Vaughn closed the match with a RBI single against relief pitcher Trevor Stephan.

José Abreu released a single on the right side, and Yasmani Grandal, who hit three hits, reached infield hits and loaded the base with two outs. Stephan struck sheets to end the rally.

Zavala started in 8th place with a single and moved to 2nd place with Leury García’s bunt. Pollock hit Stephan with a long, big foul ball at bat and struck out. Harrison fell to second place.

“We had three chances to get a go-a-head run and they were able to make a pitch,” La Russa said. “Play with Reed and see what happens, but that’s not the way it worked.”

What happened in Game 2 was a timely blow for Socks to salvage a series split against Dylan Cease against Shane Bieber on Sunday’s mound.

“If you quit the whole game and give up right away, it’s easy to roll over and give up,” Lin said. “That’s what we don’t try. Obviously, it’s not our year so far, but there are still some games left and there’s still some we can do.”


Chicago White Sox Rally in Late Game 2 to Win Doubleheader Split – Reading Eagle

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