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Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa had a long talk with the man who ruled his destiny during his batting practice on Tuesday.

General manager Rick Hahn was also there.

The strange dynamics of returning Larusa to socks 34 years later are for the same reason that no matter how hard his team struggles to live up to expectations, they don’t have to worry about being fired.

President Jerry Reinsdorf is one of La Russa’s best friends. Larusa doesn’t go anywhere.

Hahn knows that. Larusa knows that. And sock fans know that.

Linesdorf did not fire Rick Renteria and fixed what he once called the “biggest mistake” in his baseball career. Hawk Harrellson made it possible to dismiss Larusa in 1986 so that he could dismiss Larusa two months after the second season.

But it still doesn’t stop socks fans from tweeting about it and talk radio hosts joking about it. From what newspaper columnists write about it..

And unless the socks show some degree of consistency, the subject will not disappear, so Larusa should resign to hear about it for the time being.

Every time the manager is fired Joe Maddon was Tuesday Los Angeles angelsThe obvious question about baseball is “Who’s next?” And as the manager of less than 500 teams expected to compete for the championship, Larusa knows he’s an interested person.

In fact, Larusa doesn’t deserve to be fired after 53 games. Philadelphia Phillies Joe Girardi And Maddon was fired because he couldn’t win in the last two years or more of the season. Larusa’s team has not been achieved, but injuries and lack of hits by key players such as Yasmani Grandal, Yoan Moncada and Josh Harrison are the root cause of sock fatigue.

However, Larusa is the perfect punching bag for disgruntled sock fans, and 90% of them seem to have a blog. Just Google’s “Fire La Russa” will show you the following headlines from various blogs:

“Tony La Russa will do his best to get fired as the White Sox beat the Rays.”

“Tony La Russa should be fired soon.”

“ChiSox needs to fire out of touch manager Tony La Russa.”

“The awakened mob wants Larusa to be canceled because of the patriotic stance of the national anthem.”

(OK, I made that last one, but you get the picture.)

Part of the story of “Fire La Russa” is from last season, but due to Google’s algorithm, A petition to ask Larusa to resign from 2020.

Hahn was asked before 4-0 victory over Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday If Socks’ philosophy is not to fire the manager during the season, a detour asking him if Larusa is on the hotseat.

“Um, no,” Hahn replied. “I’m trying to come up with a counterpoint to show that my” no “is appropriate. I can’t immediately come up with a counterpoint in the decades I’ve been here. Gene Lamont. I think I was a high school student (1995), so I can’t take responsibility for Jean Lamont. “

Fortunately, I was covering the White Sox when Lamont played 31 games in the 1995 season. Like Larusa, he had finished the season when Socks were number one, but Lamont’s 1994 team was denied the opportunity to go to the playoffs when the player’s strike ended the season in August. I did.

General manager Ron Schuler blamed Lamont for leaving Lamont, saying the team did not catch fire during the confrontation with Cleveland.

“I gave them a suspicious benefit,” Schuler said. “But if the team can’t stand up to a series like the Cleveland series, obviously I thought I had to do something to change the mood.”

Trying to shake a team is usually a good excuse to dismiss a manager, but this team doesn’t have to be shaken.It requires better performance by talented players — and Tim Anderson, Lance Lynn and Eloy Jimenez Return to good health and leave IL for the rest of the season.

The Minnesota Twins are .500 teams playing overhead. When real socks appear, you’ll need to catch the twins on an All-Star Break and put them in the rear-view mirror by Labor Day.

Of course, waiting for real socks to appear was painfully difficult. Therefore, in 2022, the trend became much lighter, and Larusa was blamed for criticism. It’s part of his job that he knew was coming.

Managers are hired to be dismissed, except probably managers hired 34 years after being dismissed by the same owner who was first dismissed. They have to leave by themselves.

It’s good to remember why the socks left Larusa first. Harrellson, who ruled for a year as general manager in 1986, returned the franchise for five years, but when he decided to trigger in June, there was a well-known rift with Larusa.

“The club isn’t responding,” Harrellson said that day. “It’s a baseball decision. He understood it. It was the club’s overall ranking and performance. I’m not talking about personality conflicts.”

At that time and now, no one believed in Harrellson. Rheinsdorf quickly regretted the decision and undoubtedly replaced the great Roland Hemond with Harrellson. Harrellson also fired bright and young talent Dave Dombrowski, who won the championships at the Florida Marlins and the Boston Red Sox. Fortunately, Rheinsdorf fired Harrellson after the season and saved the franchise from his brain drain.

Larusa was discussing Sunday’s return to business in Tampa with a sock beatwriter.

“But this is the only thing I know how to do,” Larusa said with a smile. “A little. See if I still know how to do it.”

This has always been a World Series or bust season for La Russa and Socks, and they still have four months to correct the ship.

“We all tested patience, whether it was a fan of Jerry, Kenny (Williams), me, the coach, or the White Sox,” Hahn said. “But the basics of who this team is remain. Baseball is a long season, and we’re lucky that things tend to go as well as talent allows during the long season. Are happy with this talent. “

However, it will be a turbulent voyage, so everyone needs to get used to the occasional tsunami along the way.


Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa doesn’t go anywhere, so deal with it – Reading Eagle

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