Chicago Bears chooses cornerback Kyler Gordon, Safety Jack Ambriscar, and wide receiver Velas Jones Jr. on Day 2 – Reading Eagle

After participating in the first round of the NFL Draft, Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pauls made his first choice from Harras Hall on Friday night.

The Bears started the night with three picks on the second day — 39th and 48th in the second round and 71st in the third round. Also, on the third day there are three picks. The 5th round is 148 and 150, and the 6th round is 186.

Let’s take a quick look at each of Bears’ new players.

Kyler Gordon, Cornerback, Washington

No. 39, 2nd round

height, weight: 6-0, 200

Why the bear chose him

The Bears were in great need of someone to play Nickel with the starter in the cornerback opposite Jaylon Johnson. And now they have dynamic athletes as an option for either role.

Gordon was selected as the first team’s all-pack 12 player in 2021 with two passcuts and nine passes in 12 games. He finished his career with a 14-pass defense, 98 tackles, 3 tackle losses and two forced fumbles. Gordon’s teammate Trent McDuffie of Cornerback was ranked 21st in the first round by the Kansas City Chiefs.

ESPN broadcast analysts call it a tough, hard-nose player with excellent finishing skills that fits perfectly with Matt Everfras’ style.

Gordon said he didn’t like to play outside or nickel at the combine, and Pauls said he appreciates the flexibility he offers.

Poles said Gordon had appeared several times in their simulated draft simulations, but they didn’t expect him to be available.

“We just laughed at it, and it seemed like there was no way,” Pauls said. “So it was a really cool moment when it really happened, and we’re excited to add someone I believe will be the first caliber corner … of his move. The skill is outstanding. He is tough. He has cramps, which we call reactive athletics. He will be of great help to our coverage. “

Why he wasn’t drafted early

According to scout Francis St. Paul, Gordon ran a 4.52-second 40-yard dash on the combine, but some in the Bears were excited about it.

“We were like,’Oh, maybe we have a chance now,'” said St. Paul. “He plays much faster than that time. And you’re always watching it, it doesn’t run as fast as we all expect, but they have many players who play faster. He has great play speed. “

Analysts have shown that Gordon still needs to develop his instincts and techniques, but Paul praised his instincts by saying that Gordon has a great feel to the game. ..

Athletic ranked Gordon as the sixth best cornerback in the draft, and he was named sixth.

Scout’s view

“His competitiveness, only toughness. This is a guy, when you talk to him you will see him so calm. In the corners you have to forget the next play as the beat comes out And he’s one of the guys. He didn’t care at all when he was beaten, so he came back and competed more in the next play. ” — St. Paul

In his own words

“My favorite corner where I grew up, the one I saw most was Darrelle Revis. He wants me to model my game and make him offline. He’s just a technician … he’s just a great player. ” — Gordon

You should know

Gordon’s mom invited him to competitive dance when he was young and said he traveled the country for lyrical, ballet and hip-hop competition. He also practiced martial arts.

St. Paul said he could see the background of his dance in his play.

“You see it in his balance,” St. Paul said. “You see it in his turn. He ran a 6.67 (second) three-corn. And the most striking thing about it, he stumbled and was pulled out of that stumbling block, then. I’m done …. If he didn’t stumble, it would have been great at that time. “

Analyst’s view

“He ran in the low 4.5s (40 yards on the combine), but he can play much faster and actually find and play the ball … he’s the size you like. He has a big explosion …. He is a dynamic athlete. “ —NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah

Jacques Ambriskar, Safety, Pennsylvania State University

48th, 2nd round

height, weight: 6-1 and 206

Why the bear chose him

Bears need safety to get started with Eddie Jackson, and Blissker could be that player.

After transferring from a junior college in 2019, Brisker was selected as a second team All-American by multiple outlets as a fifth grader in 2021. A defensive leader of the Nittany Lions, he has 153 tackles, 9½ losses, 5 intercepts, 14 pass breakups in 34 games and 21 starts.

The 2021 senior season had 64 tackles, 5½ losses, two pass cuts, five pass breakups and a fumble recovery.

The Poles noted his key interception for Wisconsin and praised his toughness, team-first mentality, and ability to stand up on that occasion.

“One of the attributes required of a player is whether he can play big in big moments,” said the Poles. “And we’re excited about him because he’s shown it many times in his career.”

Why he wasn’t drafted early

Blissker, who was fifth in athletic safety, passed the junior college rank, so he spent five years in college. He played in 2021 with a shoulder injury.

Scout’s view

“You’re talking about the physical tycoon. We like his toughness. We like his ball skills …. to those who have speed, range and ball skills. In addition, he brings the physical side of the game we like. Obviously, “Flus and his defense want to be a physical team, so he also brings that side. . ” — Bears Scout Chris Prescott

In his own words

“I think it’s very important to set an example, whether off-field or on-field. Off-field, teammates can rely on me, especially when working out or calling myself. You can call, contact, contact, and the head coach can always rely on me to do the right thing. ” — Blissker

You should know

Brisker played for two seasons at the Lackawanna Community College before moving to Pennsylvania State University in 2019.

“You only take one day at a time,” Brisker said. “But I really learned to be humble from the beginning. Graduation from a junior college will help me a lot. It will help me mature and where I am. Helped me know. “

Analyst’s view

“Jaquan Brisker was (Pennsylvania State University coach) James Franklin’s first-to-end favorite … really versatile safety. He’s not just a box.” — ESPN Analyst Mel Kiper Jr.

Tennessee Wide Receiver, Velas Jones Jr.

No.71, 3rd round

height, weight: 6-0, 204

Why Bears drafted him

Jones is a speedy receiver that ran 40 yards in 4.31 seconds on the combine.

He spent four years at USC, including the year of a freshman in a red shirt, before moving to Tennessee for two years. He made 62 of his career’s best catches in 2021 with 807 yards and 7 touchdowns.

He was a co-special team player for the SEC in 2021. He made 41 kick-returners and touchdowns at 1,026 yards in two seasons in Tennessee, and added 18 punt-returners at 272 yards in 2021.

Pauls said Bears appreciates the ability of Jones to be used in several ways.

“I was looking for someone who was explosive, a playmaker, and could be useful in a variety of areas. That’s this kid,” Pauls said. “And if you get the chance to meet him, you’ll understand that he’s different. He’s special. He has something …. He has just an aura.

“There are a lot of really cool features. This guy breaks a lot of tackles. He can take off the top. His escape from the catch is outstanding. He’s also big …. This is lean, It’s not like a fast guy. It’s a strong and violent runner. He was also a running back. There’s a lot you can do. “

Why he wasn’t drafted early

According to analysts, Jones will be 25 years old in May after spending six seasons in college and needs to show improvement in route running.

“He’s a mature 25-year-old, in contrast to an older man who behaves like a young man and makes friends with the college crowd,” said Bears scout Sam Summerville. “He is very humble and very hungry.”

Scout’s view

“He was one of those who came back to take advantage of that COVID year, which really helped him refine different parts of the game. The more he sees, the better he gets. I saw. After this season, I see a different player ending the season than I saw before …. Especially, I think he got better by running the route and going down the field. I think he was always dynamic with the ball in his hand. He continues to add these various aspects to the game. ” — Somerville

In his own words

“Ball-in-hand guy, it doesn’t mean just a short pass. When the ball touches the hand from overroute, Karl Ruth, Outroute, I’m trying to do something, especially with the mentality I have. It came from my dad: never tackled by the first person. It’s what I’ve lived in. It’s what I was able to put in a movie and I’m the best in the country I was able to prove that I was one of the ball-in-hands. ” — Jones

You should know

Jones wiped out questions about being a 25-year-old rookie and pointed out that he hadn’t been seriously injured during his career.

“Age is nothing but a number,” he said. “I feel like an injury affects you no matter how old you are. I was lucky. The biggest injury I’ve ever had was a high ankle sprain. What I have a body like 21 years old because I never tear or break it. Age is nothing but a number. Many people are trying to make it a big problem, After all, I can play the ball, be physical, run, and play. “

Analyst’s view

“For me, it’s the most Deebo-like player. Deebo-like. He’s not the same talent, but Velus Jones, Tennessee, is a really, really sturdy, strong, and explosive person. Someone in the jet sweep, like real, real, real fast. You can see it in a kick-return game with him. Just give him the ball and let him go. ” — Jeremiah


Chicago Bears chooses cornerback Kyler Gordon, Safety Jack Ambriscar, and wide receiver Velas Jones Jr. on Day 2 – Reading Eagle

Source link Chicago Bears chooses cornerback Kyler Gordon, Safety Jack Ambriscar, and wide receiver Velas Jones Jr. on Day 2 – Reading Eagle

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