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SADSBURY — The Sikorsky helicopter factory here plans to close the facility in March 2022, destabilizing the fate of hundreds of workers.

The decision to close the Sadsburyville factory was announced by US Congressman Chrissy Houlahan. Chrissy Houlahan said she and other politicians, including former President Donald Trump, were disappointed to keep the factory open and up and running. It succeeded two years ago, but apparently returned to nothing.

“For the past two years, we’ve been here after finding a way to keep the plant up and running in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, two administrations of the White House officials, and state and local partners. I’m frustrated and disappointed, “says Houlahan.

Earlier this year, defense industry contractors announced the closure of two other plants in Maryland and Massachusetts. The company did not announce plans for Chester County.

Factories in the Coatesville area have manufactured several Sikorsky models over the years, including a version of the VH-92 aircraft that underlies the helicopter used by the US President and other White House officials. This is commonly referred to as Marine One.

What added his dissatisfaction in the news was that Susbury MP Dan Williams, D-26, the district covered the factory.

“The closure of the factory was a loss to Coatesville, but it was expected,” he said in a statement Thursday. “I’m working with community and state partners to find new employers in the factory to acquire new tenants and provide Chester County residents with family-supporting work as soon as possible.”

The Chester County Commissioner has issued a statement that it is ready to serve employees who lost their jobs when the factory was closed.

“With the announcement of the Sikorsky closure plan, we are immediately focusing on three things. Support for Sikorsky employees. Plans for a 22-acre Sikorsky site. Momentum, especially in Coatesville and the western region of Chester County. Protecting the local economy in the light of all the positive economic development activities that are increasing, “said the trio.

“Chester County has the lowest unemployment rate in the region and we are confident that through our many workforce development resources and strong manufacturing base, we can find skilled jobs for all Sikorsky employees who want to continue working in Chester County. “They said. ..

After learning of Rocky’s decision to close Coatesville facilities in June 2019 due to declining demand in the helicopter market, Hoolahan fought for employees and the company’s to continue these jobs in the Coatesville area. He said he demonstrated leadership.

Hoolahan also worked bipartisanly with other lawmakers and locally elected civil servants, and Trump also weighted to find a long-term solution. The closure decision was temporarily revoked, and the company’s CEO, Marillyn Hewson, said she had revisited the decision with Trump’s intervention.

Since then, Hoolahan has said he has worked with Lockheed to identify potential new releases. It passed a bill requiring the Pentagon to assess national security risks associated with the possibility of facility closures. We worked with government officials such as Secretary of Labor Martin Walsh, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimund, and Secretary of the White House of the National Economic Council of Brian Deese to find federal opportunities that match the skills of our employees.

“This is not the result we wanted, but my priority over the next seven months will help these highly skilled workers find new jobs in the community, and Coatesville’s tax base. “Finding a productive use of the facility that contributes to vitality,” said Hoolahan.

“My team today contacts the advanced manufacturing and hiring people I recently visited. In addition, I was at Westchester University on October 12th for a evacuated Sikorsky worker. We host job-focused job fairs. Some of the best and brightest in our area work in Coatesville and I will do everything I can to keep them here. ”

County officials are planning a manufacturing and trading industry job fair on August 25 at the PA Careerlink Center in Chester County, Oaklands Corporate Center, West Whiteland, to inform Sikorsky employees about the event details. Said to explain.

“In the next few days, we will meet with federal, state and local partners to determine the impact of the closure using our personal and collective strengths, secure employment for Sikorsky workers and quickly reuse Sikorsky sites. Make a plan to do so, “said the commissioner.

Earlier, defense industry contractor Lockheed Martin announced that it would close its factories and move work elsewhere by the end of 2019. Authorities have announced that the closure could mean the possibility of employee dismissal or transfer within the next few months.

At that time, the news that remained open was well received by the community,

Frank Petropoulos, co-owner of Harry’s Hot Dogs, said some of Sikorsky’s employees are patrons of nearby restaurants. He wants the facility to remain open after 2020 for his employees. He said he was upset with other employees and restaurant customers when he heard that the facility would be closed last month.

The news that the facility remains open is spreading rapidly throughout the community.

“It’s very good news for the community because it (influences) many jobs there,” Petropros said, adding that people can now stay in the area. “We want them to stay open.”

At that time, the company’s 24-acre campus had 465 employees. Some of the current workers are expected to remain in the company, but the majority are expected to lose their jobs.

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Chester County Sikorsky Helicopter Factory Closed | Work

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