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Chester County Response to IDA-Community Gathering is an Incredible Power of Goodness-Daily Locals

To the people of Chester County:

Over the past three days, it has become more apparent in Chester County that the whole is much larger than the sum of its parts. Our individual communities have united as an incredible force to save people, care for them, and meet the needs of those whose homes, businesses and lives have been devastated by Hurricane Ida. These efforts were amazing. Neighbor rescues neighbor. Family and friends open their homes to people who are flooded with property. The cleanup crew that comes with us. And donations come in.

The people we have met and discussed in the last few days have the most amazing story of hope with a hero in the midst of destruction.

It points from the north of Phoenix Building and the county to Chasford, Oxford, and south. From west to east, and in the heart of Coatesville and Downingtown – the remnants of Aida have caused tremendous damage. Sadly, we lost one in this historic storm, and our heartfelt condolences go to family and friends who loved and knew him. The actions of our first responders were heroic, with more than 300 water rescued from vehicles, homes and businesses. We fear that more lives would have been lost without the brave and swift response of frontline paramedics. Four of our first responders were injured during rescue operations.

Now that the water is drained, the next phase of our community’s response begins. Help find accommodation for those who had to evacuate their homes. Cleaning homes, businesses, schools, playgrounds, parks and roads. Damage assessment of houses and companies. Important information and help can be found at

Housing support

If you, or someone you know, still need housing assistance, call 2-1-1 at any time, day or night, and select 2, 2, or 1 at all prompts. Identify as a flood victim. Referral support is prioritized.

Report damage to homes and businesses

Flood damage to homes and businesses is evaluated and must be self-reported to the municipality where the home or business is located. A damage assessment form has been created to get important initial information, making it easier to provide relevant damage information. Once the cleanup process begins, it is important to document everything with a photo of the damage and a receipt for repair and cleaning. This form can be found at

Flood Recovery Guide

See the Chester County Flood Recovery Guide for additional resources on post-flood cleanup.

Many of the services of the Chester County Government are implemented to help in these situations.

Our 9-1-1 center received more than 4,000 calls during the storm from Wednesday to Thursday.
Our community development department is helping to find housing for individuals and families who are still unable to return home. In some cases, this can last for quite some time.
Before, during, and after the storm, Department of Water Resources staff monitored the condition of the county’s four flood control dams. Together, these dams have a flood storage capacity of over 1.1 billion gallons, providing flood protection to downstream communities such as Downingtown and Coatesville.
The collective reaction of the Chester County community was impressive. Cleanup crews have appeared above and below the street that was the most devastated. An organized collection of food, water, toiletries, clothing and toys. Donations etc.

We would like to thank everyone who has provided time, resources and supplies to those in need. And we thank the people who are organizing the response. Your actions show that Chester County really cares.

Thank you very much.

Chester County Commissioner Marian Moskowitz, Josh Maxwell, Michelle Kickline

Chester County Response to IDA-Community Gathering is an Incredible Power of Goodness-Daily Locals

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