Challenges in outsourcing mobile game

Today, when it comes to the prospects of this or that type and potential earnings in game development, development is considered the most attractive.

Usually it means that the team will develop their own project anyway. And here it doesn’t matter how it will be financed: with its own earned funds (if the company has already achieved success), with its own resources (mobile game development outsourcing) or for someone else’s money (crowdfunding or investment project).

It was this thought that somehow entered the minds of many. Say, the development of your own project is an axiom that is not subject to any doubts. The future seems too sweet when it comes to product development.

At the same time, it should be noted that outsourcing is also a rather attractive direction in game development, which may well bring good profits.

Naturally, this business also has its pros and cons. There are things that lie on the surface, and there are pitfalls and problems.

In this article, we will not consider the fundamental things, since they have long been used in large literature and on public resources. But the pitfalls are worth talking about, since this topic is not only very voluminous, but also multifaceted, because each outsourcing customer or outsourcing developer has his own unique experience, which may well differ from the experience of colleagues. And it is the topic of pitfalls that we will discuss today, albeit in the context of the author’s personal experience and the experience of colleagues.

In-house app development process

When assembling a team of experts to build your mobile app, there are several factors to keep in mind, namely:

  • Command Typing: This is not just a case of a programmer’s choice when it comes to building an application. To get started, you may need several developers with experience with various local software development platforms (for example, an iOS expert and an Android expert). For a program to look great and work properly, you need creators and UI / UX experts. You will also need people for analysis, product testing, marketing strategy, and a team leader.
  • Development planning experience: If you are not familiar with application development, you will hire or assign someone. Managing a task and keeping to a schedule is often a huge task in itself, but if you have experience, you still need to have a place in your mind and time to focus on it. It is often necessary to hire a qualified project manager, but this is costly.
  • Getting a spacious workspace: You will need to reserve additional rooms if you may not have a large office, including a lot of open space. Tables, chairs and, of course, technological equipment all play an important role in this. The cost of creating a new job can be significant, so keep this in mind when planning your expenses.
  • Choosing a Development Process: While choosing and planning procedures and strategies may seem straightforward, adopting them is a different scenario. Understand that you are likely to be recruiting candidates who may not have worked together yet, which can lead to a lot of problems if mishandled.

What is mobile app development outsourcing?

Outsourcing smartphone app development is a unique strategy with many benefits. You are basically recruiting an already existing software development team to develop software at a pre-agreed price when choosing a contracting process. They provide quality and decent mobile app development services. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages later, but some businesses (especially small and medium-sized ones) prefer export because of the reduced prices, minimal free time and the ability to select an experienced team that already works together and is very efficient. More info here:

Outsourcing problems:

  • Unreadable code. A serious problem may arise. If you changed your team composition in the middle of the project, for example, part of the work has already been done. By contacting other specialists who will have to continue, you risk ruining your project, since your code from the program may be incorrectly written. This can be avoided by working with experienced programmers right away. If everything goes against you, you will most likely get a corrupted program that will work every other time, or not work at all. Then you have to do everything from scratch.
  • You cannot always rely on other companies to outsource. After all, in just one moment they can go bankrupt, and you will not receive anything, the money will not be returned to you either. Therefore, in addition to the advantages, there are still huge risks and only you choose whether to take them or not.
  • Control of work. Naturally, you will be able to monitor the progress of work, receive daily reports on the work done, but you will not be able to personally monitor the implementation of all assigned tasks. This minus is also a weight, since not all teams have strict control and “plan for today”, perhaps some of the developers of the mobile application will be just an empty word. However, good companies will provide you with delegation over the team, alas, this does not always happen.
  • Time zones and communication. Quite a common problem that is ubiquitous. If you are not working with a company from your region, then you may have problems. The larger this gap in time, the more chances that you will not be able to get in touch normally and control the process, solve current problems.

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