Certified Level Agency as the Best Workplace | State

Pittsburgh, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire /-Level Agency has been awarded Great Place to Work® certification for the second consecutive year.One of the 50 fastest growing companies in Pittsburgh In the region, agencies saw extraordinary rankings from nationally dispersed staff.

Overall, the level achieved a rating of 98%, while the national average was 59%. According to managing partners, the agency’s focus on employee satisfaction is all part of a larger strategy for redefining the company’s work experience. Patrick Patterson When Patrick Van Goder..

“Our culture values ​​professional growth, client performance and work-life balance,” they said in a joint statement. “We mean that. In a highly competitive situation, our test. Learn and grow. The framework achieves the client’s business goals. This is achieved through a system to develop the best human resources and a DEI framework that creates an excellent and comfortable environment for everyone. “

The agency’s innovative onboarding process dedicates a special project team to training and development. Partially driven by this focus on culture, level agencies saw 35% revenue growth in 2020.

Other key results of the GreatPlace to Work® survey include:

  • 100% of employees agreed that “agency management is ethical and honest”
  • 100% of employees agreed that “people have a lot of responsibility”
  • 100% of employees agreed that “management trusts people to do a good job”

Change is the only immutable thing in today’s marketing ecosystem.Level agencies design and execute systematic performance marketing campaigns test. learning. growing up. Framework. This adaptive approach accelerates ROI, reduces waste and helps clients win the knowledge competition.

For more information on how this great workplace can drive client performance, see the following case study. don’t forget to subscribe along the level journey test. learning. growing up.Podcast, Wherever you can get a podcast.

contact: Patrick Patterson, Managing Partner and President

Certified Level Agency as the Best Workplace | State

Source link Certified Level Agency as the Best Workplace | State

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