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The American left-wing press has recently taken up a lot of somehow about political polarization.

The media has smashed President Joe Biden’s budget in full, is in debt, lamented the difficulty of passing a generational theft agenda in Congress, and called for “centrism.”

But centrism is not a virtue. Centrism is a disguised surrender.

Taxpayers can no longer afford centrism. Centrism and institutional coordination already brought the United States to the economy and finances when the Democrats secured a majority in both houses in 2009, left-wing liberals entered the White House, and government power actually took off. Was gradually approaching the crisis.


In a two-party system, if one favors additional spending and programs and the other opposes, a centrist compromise will almost always increase both.

Government spending is mercilessly more complex than simple interest because budgets are driven by “baseline forecasts.” This is primarily a fictitious benchmark (rather than in real life) that Congress can claim to measure the “requirements” of legislation. Parliamentary “hypotheses” are always generous, regardless of which party is in charge.

The government has grown that way even among the five perhaps conservative governments of Reagan and Bush I and Bush II.

A responsible Federal Debt Commission observer said, “The decision on spending and taxes is, at least officially, primarily the responsibility of Congress, often Congress and the President.”

That’s how government spending surged when the Democrats ruled parliament during Barack Obama’s two governments and Biden’s first year.

The aftereffects of 9/11, and the two foreign wars under Bush II, add $ 5.85 trillion to national debt, even though Treasury receipts set records in fiscal 2005-2009. It was useful for. Under the Obama administration, national debt increased by $ 8.6 trillion. In the first year of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, government bonds increased by about $ 3.5 trillion, primarily due to COVID’s “relief” package and infrastructure bill.

Today, the country’s debt is over $ 30 trillion. This is even before the funds for most licensed borrowing infrastructure are spent.

what’s that? Do you say you are not happy? Do you say you are not satisfied? You are lucky! There are more …!

With emergency assistance to Ukraine as an excuse, Parliament hastily passed a 2,700-page, $ 1.5 trillion “comprehensive” spending bill on March 11. An unreviewed local project that allows vulnerable members to brag about “taking bacon home” in the year of the election.

Earmarks bypass all budgetary controls and reviews. They are not subject to agency or parliamentary hearings. They are not competitively bid and there is no monitoring or follow-up to ensure that the money has been used / used properly. For years, the landmark has been at the center of a runaway federal spending overall crisis.

In 2011, the Republican Parliament suspended the parliamentary earmarks.

However, on March 15, the president signed a congressional Democratic Comprehensive Bill to revive abuse, which ranks as one of the worst examples of Washington’s corruption and fiscal turmoil. Markers foster parliamentary spending addiction, which inevitably increases the size and cost of government.

CNBC host Joe Kernen said after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made an ominous claim that larger government spending would reduce the country’s debt rather than inflation. [N]o Those who have a credit card invoice think the answer is to use more. “

Sadly, the US government also has a huge deficit of elected civil servants who can perform simple math and think logically or at all.

There are too many mediocre people in Congress doing the best job ever. Most of the time, I’m doing the best job I’ve ever done. People who wake up every morning and are reelected thinking “what can I do today”. ?? “

Giving money to others is a natural exit for their ambitions.

We remember the smallness of their purpose, especially when lawmakers mark the year of elections. It’s not about members, states, or districts. It is always to maintain their own prosperity. It has nothing to do with us, or our children, grandchildren, etc.

So forget about the middle road.

For now, concerned Americans are wise and devoted enough to encourage gridlock, refuse compromises, and win discussions and votes, in other words, really need no work. You should work to choose a good patriot.

America certainly needs a problem solver, but above all, the country is principled, responsible, stubborn, rather than a more affordable “centrist” from a self-serving political class. Needs a polite, but determinedly elected adult.

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Centrism is not a virtue – daily local

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