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The Yankees have played 90 games this season and started by repositioning the catcher. Gary Sanchez came out, Ben Rortvedt came in, and Jose Trevino came in just six days before the season started.

Rortvedt hasn’t been a factor so far and has only played in minor leagues, with diagonal injuries and knee surgery depriving him of consistent play time. As a result, catching missions have been handled almost exclusively by Trebino and Kyle Higashioka (Rob Brantly started one match in May). The duo joined with 12 home runs — just two more than Sanchez in Minnesota — but their production is rampant elsewhere.

According to FanGraphs, the Yankees 4th in the league With Wins Above Replacement from the catcher. Raw offensive numbers don’t look good (.218 / .264 / .379), but that’s by design. The Yankees worked hard to defend the catcher, not the attack, and the boys it is working.

There is no defensive position on the field that is difficult to assess with the naked eye. But with the help of flashy numbers and computers, the influence of the Trebino and Higashioka tandems really begins to sing. The Yankees are wrapping the field with FanGraphs’ defensive points above average. The Yankees in that statistic is 23.0, 9 runs Prior to the second-placed Arizona Diamondbacks. At the individual level, Trevino is the best in business.

The first year Yankees were worth it 16.6 Above average execution, Most catchers. Combine it with his .422 slugging percentage and 106w RC + (if not a stunning number) to win an all-star in the era of low-hit catchers.

“One of the reasons we’re in this position right now is because of you,” Aaron Boone told Trebino in a video when he learned that he had formed an All-Star team at the age of 29. “There will be a short break in next week’s championship run. I think I should go to LA to take part in the Midsummer Classic.”

Trebino’s magical carpet ride, which grew up in support of the Yankees, is even more impressive considering that he basically had to learn pitching staff on the spot. He played the entire game with the Yankees in spring training after being traded from Texas.Through the action of 62 games in his regular season, he Second most valuable catcher In the American League.

“If you told me a year ago, I wouldn’t believe you,” Trebino said of his all-star nod. “New York Yankees, and All-Stars? I wouldn’t believe you.”

Higashioka will not be an all-star. His .171 / .214 / .318 slash line was pretty obscene and took a lot of play time, but of course it shifted to Trebino. Higashioka is 47wRC +, 53% worse than the average batter. But his defensive insights are part of the cocktail that sent Sanchez’s packing, and despite his exacerbation on the plate, it’s still widespread. Higashioka’s 6.2 Defensive Brands Average puts him in the top 15 of MLB catchers because both he and Trebino excel in the art of framing.

Statcast tracks catcher framing (basically the practice of stealing strikes by making the pitch outside the strike zone look like it isn’t) and quantifies the amount of runs the catcher saves by doing so. increase. Trevino is once again Top of leaderboard.. He was worth eight runs on that metric while converting the league’s highest 54.2% pitch into a cold strike in the area just outside the zone.

He is particularly good at tricking referees at the bottom of the strike zone. The astonishing 65.1% pitch in the area where the batter does not swing is a strike thanks to Trebino’s soft hands. In line with the theme, it’s the highest rate in MLB.

Higashioka is not in the same stratosphere as Trebino in these categories, but only a few. Higashioka is good at getting those calls at the bottom of the zone and abandoning the runners. In fact, both catchers are good at shutting down running games. The Yankees allowed only 26 stolen bases this year. The least in MLBAnd the pitcher deserves some praise there, but it is yet another concrete proof that replacing the Sanchez power bat with two pristine gloves was the right decision.


Catcher Tandem, led by Jose Trevino, provides exactly what the Yankees need – Reading Eagle

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