Casey Bill Establishes Federal Advisory Group to Prevent Senior Fraud

Wilkes-Bar—Senator Bob Casey, chairman of the US Senate Aging Task Force, said this week in a hearing entitled “Scams, Fraud, COVID-19: How Fraudsters Target Older Americans During Pandemics.” We held a meeting.

In hearings, we looked at how the coronavirus pandemic created new opportunities for older Americans to take advantage of scammers, both through a surge in common scams and an increase in COVID-specific scams.

Casey Chairman D-Sclanton emphasized his bipartisan Stop Senior fraud law. It establishes a federal advisory group whose mission is to prevent fraud against older Americans. Casey has also released a 2021 fraud book, which is the epitome of reporting to the Aging Commission’s fraud hotline.

“Because of the pandemic, many older people were isolated to avoid being infected with the virus, but in the process they were cut off from friends and family,” Casey said. “This made them more vulnerable to scammers who prey on the fear and uncertainty surrounding the disease, as well as the loneliness and isolation caused by the pandemic.

“That’s why I reintroduced the Stop Senior Scam Act. This ensures that banks and other businesses have the information and tools they need to identify and speak out about potential senior scams. In addition, the Aging Commission’s annual fraud book provides useful tips on how older Americans can avoid fraud. More older Americans are fraudulent. It is important that we pass this law and strengthen our resources to prevent the loss of hard-earned savings due to fraud and fraud. “

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stated that total financial losses associated with an increase in the number of fraudulent complaints by adults over the age of 60 from 2019 to 2020 will increase from $ 446 million in 2019 to 2020. Reports an increase to $ 602 million.

The Aging Commission operates a free fraud hotline (1-855-303-9470). This hotline serves as a resource for older Americans and their families to report suspicious activity and provide appropriate authorities with information on fraud and fraud reports. Law enforcement agency. The hotline is staffed Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. The fraud book contains the top 5 most reported fraud content since 2015. These include:

• Government scammers scams

• Sweepstakes scam

• Illegal Robocall

• Computer fraud

• Grandparents scam

Keller’s legislation

People evacuated during a pandemic

US representative R-Middleburg’s Fred Keller introduced this week’s knowledge enhancement, learning improvement, and livelihood (SKILLS) methods. Career opportunities in areas such as long-term care where a qualified workforce is strongly sought.

Specifically, the Skills Act amends the Labor Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to provide additional criteria for relocation workers projects that direct support for high-demand industries for recruitment and labor development. .. WIOA is a major federal law that supports labor development and provides evacuated, underemployed or unemployed workers with the opportunity to build skills and hire.

“This pandemic has had a profound impact on the American workforce and industry as a whole. Some sectors of our economy have been plagued by closures and reduced operations, but others, especially long-term care. The facility is in desperate need of skilled workers, “says Keller. “Skills law works to connect individuals with meaningful and demanding careers while at the same time ensuring that the needs of the US workforce are met. This is important to care for the elderly. We have consistently heard from employers in Pennsylvania who are anxious for skilled workers as there are more than 10 million jobs and few workers are trying to fill them. The bill is a positive step towards filling these vacancies and staffing the right people in areas of demand. “

Zack Schaumburg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Pennsylvania Healthcare Association, said: “When problem-solving and immediate solutions are needed, Congressman Keller led responsibility with his proposal to fund research into the recruitment and development strategies of the industry responsible for protecting the most vulnerable populations. “

AGDeFoor urges Bloomsburg

Students get smarter with money

This week, Auditor General Timothy L. Defloor meets with accounting students at Bloomsburg University Seigler Business College to help the community develop financial literacy and future careers in the Auditor General sector. We talked about the opportunity.

“Understanding how your money is spent is one of the most important lessons one can learn to prepare for future financial success,” DeFoor said. “It’s also important for young adults to worry about the government being accountable for how we spend our taxes. That’s exactly what my department is doing.”

DeFoor will visit other universities in Pennsylvania to promote this initiative. In addition to emphasizing the importance of financial literacy, the President of Audit has made students aware of future career opportunities in his sector and emphasized the benefits of working in the public sector.

“College students today are future auditors, and by working together we can create a more economically safe and successful federation,” he added. “We want individuals with a passion for accounting and public services to join our team.”

DeFoor is hiring qualified job seekers in a recent transformation initiative to better serve taxpayers, as a significant number of current employees are eligible to retire within the next few years. Said that is one of the top priorities.

As new positions become available, they will be posted on the Audit & Supervisory Board’s website at

Governor Wolf talks with lawmakers

Violence intervention / prevention

Governor Tom Wolf joined state legislators this week to remind communities and organizations that $ 24 million in state funding is available to combat community violence.

“We cannot exaggerate how painful and damaging gun violence is to our community. The result is fear, stress, and sorrowful gun violence. Is hurting all members of our community, “said Governor Wolf. “This funding provides communities and organizations with the resources to implement or support programs that address community violence. We would like to thank and take this opportunity to thank those who strive daily to keep their communities safe. We recommend that you apply for. “

As controlled by the Pennsylvania Crime and Delinquency Commission (PCCD), violence intervention and prevention (VIP) funding is to stop gun and mass violence in areas with high rates of violent crime. It aims to support effective community intervention and precautionary measures.

Community-based organizations, higher education institutions, municipalities, district attorneys, and counties are eligible to apply. Awards range from a maximum budget of $ 50,000 to $ 2,000,000 for a project period of up to 2 years (24 months). The awards are layered to reflect the size and service area of ​​the applicant. For more information on the application process, please refer to the Anti-Violence and Intervention (VIP) Funding Notice on the PCCD website. The application deadline is October 15th.

In 2019, Governor Wolf signed a presidential order to create a Gun Violence Prevention and Gun Violence Special Council within the Pennsylvania Crime and Delinquency Commission, and a violence prevention department within the Pennsylvania Health Department.

Congressman Keller votes to raise an army

Payment, full investment in national defense

This week, US Congressman Fred Keller, R-Middleburg, voted to uphold the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2022.

The final passage of the bill included two amendments to Keller. The first fix enhances the domestic production of important defense materials. The second amendment works to make governments accountable when spending taxpayers’ dollars by reducing duplicate IT contracts at the Pentagon.

Keller also proposed a third amendment to improve the ability of the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) to process service records for veterans. This fix has been withdrawn.

The National Defense Authorization Act approved $ 778 billion in 2022 for key defense initiatives such as:

• $ 166.8 billion for military personnel

• $ 118 billion for R & D

• $ 28.2 billion for nuclear weapons program

• $ 250 million for counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan

Casey Bill Establishes Federal Advisory Group to Prevent Senior Fraud

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