Carsten Bruhn joins Ricoh North America as President and CEO |

Exton, Pennsylvania, April 1, 2021 / PRNewswire /- Ricoh Announced today Carsten Bruhn He is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Ricoh North America. A self-proclaimed “global citizen”, Bruhn has over 20 years of experience from around the world.This includes living Great britain, Denmark And Japan, And at extensive travel conferences with customers in all regions of the world North America.. He has successfully built a digital transformation strategy and has led a global team that has implemented services that solve critical problems for organizations of all sizes, from global enterprises to small businesses.

“The opportunities for Ricoh, our partners, and our customers are great,” Bruhn said. “Customer behavior, an ever-changing workforce, and the speed of digital transformation are driving the need for new business models such as digital services and subscription models. North America In particular. We have a tremendous customer base, a dedicated team, and a network of dealer partners who share our commitment to solving difficult business problems now and in the future. “

Bruhn was recently the Corporate Vice President of Ricoh Global Services. In this position, he managed and facilitated the relationship between Ricoh and the world’s largest corporate clients. Focusing on empowering customers to embrace digital transformation, he has built strategies with Ricoh’s best-in-class partners to enable companies to transform into digital businesses. Under Bruhn’s leadership, Ricoh’s Global Major Account (GMA) channel has grown by renewing and adding value to existing customers while attracting new ones. In 2020, these initiatives continued to accelerate by helping customers work from anywhere with digital, automated, and collaborative solutions and providing tools to get them back to work safely.

During a two-year mission at JapanAt Ricoh’s Global Headquarters, Brune led the global service transformation of Ricoh Business Solutions. Previous positions included Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Ricoh Global Services.Prior to joining Ricoh, Brune managed Lanier. Scandinavian region. Taking advantage of this experience, we understand the entrepreneurial spirit and passion that drives Ricoh Family Group dealer partners today and are enthusiastic about collaborating with them.

Bruhn’s leadership approach involves clarifying a clear vision and direction to inspire employees and promote collaboration and productivity. As a “servant leader,” he consistently advances the collective team and leverages individual strengths to support a common goal of customer success. Bruhn also focuses on important cultural issues such as diversity and participation in the workplace, discussing the importance of understanding and addressing unconscious prejudices. His global experience and unique perspective encourage and embrace a comprehensive corporate culture.

In the coming months, Bruhn will publish an overview of Ricoh’s North American business strategy. Bruhn’s strategy provides a clear and ambitious path for progress, both short-term and long-term, built with agility and flexibility to respond quickly to the changing needs of customers since 2021. I will.

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Ricoh uses innovative technologies and services to enhance its digital workplace and enable individuals to work smarter. Ricoh has been innovating for over 80 years and is a leading provider of document management solutions, IT services, telecommunications services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras and industrial systems.

The head office is TokyoThe Ricoh Group operates in approximately 200 countries and territories.Fiscal year ended March 2020, Ricoh Group worldwide sales 2.8 trillion yen (about US $ 18.5 billion).

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Carsten Bruhn joins Ricoh North America as President and CEO |

Source link Carsten Bruhn joins Ricoh North America as President and CEO |

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