Carols connects for OT winners when Eagles edging bolts on the pitch | Sport

Bermudian centre-back Cameron Carrolls spent much of the match marking Littlestown star striker Josh Bros, but Eagle’s seniors made a second move to raise Bermu to three. Overtime found time to reach the goal to win the match at 4:48. Two wins in the YAIAA-3 Men’s Soccer Action at Thunderbolt Stadium in Littlestown on Tuesday night.

The Carols winner missed a direct kick from Tazaran Grifo, and both Carols and Bolt Defender aimed at the ball and glanced at Carols’ Nogin. After diving in Littlestown keeper Christopher Meekin, I redirected to the left side of the net.

“It was a pretty rough start tonight and we had to fight back just to tie it up in the second half,” Carrolls said. “Taz played a great ball, and we both jumped for it.”

Bros, who played in 12 tally in the first four games of Bolt’s campaign, managed to score his first goal of the night in Littlestown, but thanks to the efforts of a strong team led by Carols, he averaged two goals for the season. It fell below.

“It’s a fun challenge to take on him,” Carlolus said. “We knew each other personally for a long time, and I definitely didn’t do all this myself.”

The situation began to look dark as Belmdian (2-2, 1-1) lost to Gettysburg 2-1 on Saturday and the match progressed towards the second half of the second half with the Eagles still dragging on Tuesday. I was there. ..

They had a lot of chances, but Meekin refused to shoot Owen Hicock (32:52), Eli Perez (19:14) and Carols (12:24), so the challenge was to keep his side in front. I challenged.

Berm star striker Kyle Kaikendal (YAIAA-3 Player of the Year) leveled the match when Israeli Felipe played a long ball. Kuykendall was able to collect it, leave the regulation at 5:04 and put a shot on the left side of the net to beat Meakin.

“Kyle got a lot of attention from the opposing team and was waiting for the ball at the top in the first half. He told him to come back in half-time, which gave him more chances,” said Jim Zafing, head coach of Balm. Told. “Our team has shown a lot of maturity and has shown that they have a resilient team spirit to come back tonight and win after the defeat on Saturday.”

Littlestown (4-1, 1-1) had a chance to win each frame of overtime, but Broth’s shot was wide in the first session and Carter Stuart, the backstop of Balm, was 6 in the second session. Rejected Leogsman at: 06.

Six minutes into the match, visitors jumped to the top when Jory Willow scored with Kuykendall’s assistance. Willow played the ball towards Kaikendal and then followed the action. Kuykendall’s shot knocked down Meakin when Meakin made a save and Willow was there for cleanup.

Bros leveled things for his host when he stole the through ball from Diego Guzman and scored a goal at 26:49 with a shot to the right side that overtook Stuart into the opening half.

“We knew they would be in the match they were feeding (Blose). He could play or beat the match,” Zerfing said. “They were playing nine defenders and were trying to get the ball to his top.”

Littlestown came forward when Leo Guzman scored a 30-yard direct kick from the left side at 10:58 and played before the break. It was the lead that the bolt held for the next 45 minutes.

Balm enjoyed a 13-5 edge with a goal shot, but Littlestown had a 3-2 advantage in the corner.

The Eagles will be back in a road match at Delon Catholic at 4pm today, so they have little time to rest. Littlestown, on the other hand, will return to the pitch on Thursday at 6:30 pm when Fairfield arrives in town.

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Balmdian Springs 11 0 1 — 3

Littlestown 20 0 0 — 2

Goals: BS-Jolly Willow, Kyle Kaikendal, Cameron Carols; L-Josh Blose, Leo Guzman Assistance: BS-Kuykendall, Israel Felipe, Tazaran Grifo; L-Diego Guzman. Shot: BS-13; L-5. Corner: BS-2; L-3. Save: BS-Carter Stuart (3); L-Christopher Mekin (10)

Carols connects for OT winners when Eagles edging bolts on the pitch | Sport

Source link Carols connects for OT winners when Eagles edging bolts on the pitch | Sport

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