Carlos Carrasco Mets wins Mike Trout specially with an ugly defeat to the Angels – Reading Eagle

Anaheim — Carlos Carrasco and Mets lost to the Angels 11-6 on Saturday night and were treated by Mike Trout Special and Shohei Ohtani.

Of the nine hits Carasco allowed to Los Angeles, five were out of Trout and Otani’s bat. Longtime All-Star and MVP candidate Trout returned to the lineup on Saturday after a three-day absence due to an inguinal injury. Carasco hit him with a nasty splitter in his first at-bat that night, but the eight-time Silver Slugger Award-winning Trout hit a 425-foot home run at the next meeting, doubling in the final. I did. 1.

As a good measure, Trout added another home run. This time with a two-run blast, I turned off relief Jake Reed for the sixth time. Mets’ closest to a player like Trout was on the injured list, and his hitting day was over. But what Jacob DeGrom can do every five days when he’s healthy is an unfair comparison with Trout, who has been illuminating baseball every day since the 2012 rookie season.

Otani was also a headache for Carasco all night. The latter was the only pitcher / batter specialist on Saturday, and each turn at bat had a strong presence. Otani collected doubles and singles from Carasco before defeating a right-handed two-run homer in the fifth inning, defeating the Angels game and leading five runs. The active ALMVP played against the Red Sox on Thursday, so Mets doesn’t have to play against Otani on the mound this weekend. As it is, it’s hard enough to face him in the batter’s box.

Sometimes even a good veteran pitcher like Carasco can’t do anything against the best baseball batter. And Saturday was one of those nights. But the reality is that it’s still a difficult drug to swallow for Mets fans who have carefully watched the NL East rankings.

In just one week, the 10.5 game lead to the Mets division was halved (5.5).

Defending champion Braves, who achieved 10 consecutive victories on Saturday, is playing full baseball and can continue to win. Phillies is in the midst of nine consecutive victories before and after dismissing director Joe Girardi.

Amazine is 4-5 on a road trip on the west coast. Their Series Finale on Sunday will give them the opportunity to divide their long journey with the Dodgers, Padres and Haros into .500. But if they can’t take the lead in a rubber match, their tour of Southern California begins to look a little different.

Mets (39-22) doesn’t have to remind us what the collapse from the first place looks like — they just did it last season. At least Steve Cohen, who celebrated his birthday by watching a game he would rather forget on Saturday, is in the driver’s seat. There are still many seasons left and the owner’s suite has enough resources to give these 2022 Mets the push they need.


Carlos Carrasco Mets wins Mike Trout specially with an ugly defeat to the Angels – Reading Eagle

Source link Carlos Carrasco Mets wins Mike Trout specially with an ugly defeat to the Angels – Reading Eagle

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