Cardi B loves offset kids as much as his daughter.Celebrity

Cardi B loves stepchildren “just like” his daughter.

The “I Like It” hit maker has a 2-year-old daughter Kulture and her husband Offset, and is also the stepmother of three other children, Jordan (11), Kalea (6), and Kody (6).

And prior to Sunday’s Father’s Day (06.20.21), Migos rappers praised how wives treat their children with as much love and respect as their daughters.

He said: “She usually surprises me with expensive gifts, a man. That’s usually the case. She always gives me love … my other kids who aren’t her … [she] Give them love as well. It’s beautiful. “

Offset, 29, looks forward to his gift, but “above all” he just wants to spend the day with Hina.

He added: “[I want] Best of all, I’m just staying home and having fun with my kids … running around [and saying,] ‘Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! ‘

“It’s beautiful because you can see it all at once just by running around. With your family. [having] Family time.

“It’s wild, guy. Non-stop.’Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Want to do! If he’s doing something, I want to do it! He’s not going through the controller! He’s playing the game He’s been playing too long! He won’t give me my iPad! He’s been looking at the iPad too long! “But they love each other very much. “

Rappers are also keen to teach their children important life lessons.

About Entertainment Tonight, “I want you to understand that I worked hard. Life is not easy … Respect the morals of life, respect others, don’t be spoiled … I’m actually with them Sometimes they ask, “This, this, I want it” … I don’t say yes to everything. Mainly because I didn’t have it.

“I see a lot of people saying,’I didn’t come out, so I’ll give you whatever they want.’ I got to where I am because I don’t have access to everything. I don’t do that … I tell them [to] Save money … Despite being blessed with providing them with what they need, they still have to understand the real world situation, so I’ll tell them early And. “

Cardi B loves offset kids as much as his daughter.Celebrity

Source link Cardi B loves offset kids as much as his daughter.Celebrity

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