Car warranty fraudulent calls must be blocked by the telephone company

Fortunately, I don’t get a lot of fraudulent calls. I’m actively blocking numbers, and my wireless operator, T-Mobile, seems to be quite wary of keeping numbers away from the network.

Most of the time, the things that slip through are the same — about the expiration of my car’s extended warranty.

I also hope that the number will be reduced as federal authorities have ordered the telephone companies to disconnect some calls.

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission ordered the telephone companies to block calls coming from Leucox Jr., Aaron Michael Jones, their Sumco Panama company and international associates.

The commission said in a news release that the operation appears to be responsible for making more than 8 billion illegal Robocalls to Americans in at least the last four years. This call has prompted consumers to follow the prompts and talk to “warranty specialists” about extending or restoring their car’s warranty.

According to the FCC, pre-recorded calls are marketed as follows:

“We are trying to contact you about your car’s extended warranty. You should have received an email with something about your car’s extended warranty. Because there is no reply, before closing the file Make a final courtesy visit. Press 2 to remove and add to the phone ban list. Press 1 to talk to someone about extending or recovering your car’s warranty. Press 1 again to consult your warranty specialist. Or call 800 833-304-1447. “

Such calls have caused more complaints to the FCC over the last two years than any other type of Robocall.

They may appear to be legal because they often use real information about the people they call.

According to the FCC, the purpose of such calls may be to collect personal and financial information to commit fraud and collect payments.

These calls can easily be found as scams. If you have a vehicle that is under warranty, you need to know the expiration date of the warranty and who is covered by the warranty.

Please do not provide information or payments to anyone who is called unsolicited. If you suspect the call may be genuine, investigate it first and then take the necessary action.

According to a recent report by the US Public Interest Research Group, my experience of receiving fewer fraudulent calls shows a national trend.

said Scam Robocall Quoting data from YouMail, which provides a service that blocks Robocall and text messages, it has decreased by about 47% since June last year.

According to the report, more wireless carriers and landline providers are deploying technology to filter calls. We also offer services such as not immediately connecting to suspicious calls. Instead, the call is flagged and the customer is asked to decide whether to answer the call, send it to voice mail, or block it.

Of course, the scammers haven’t given up. They are just using new tactics.

When Authorities focused on RobocallScammers and spoofing criminals are trying to trick people with automated text messages.

Robotexts have increased 12-fold over the past year, growing from about 1 billion to 12 billion a month, the US PIRG report said. RoboKillerAnother service that blocks calls and text.

The FCC is considering a proposal to adopt rules to address the issue, but has not yet acted.

Spam text should be easy to find. The important thing is to respond immediately to all messages. Ignore it if it is not from someone you know. Do not click links or visit recommended websites.

Actively block numbers that make calls or send text. This includes numbers that make calls but do not leave a message. They can also be scams. If they are legal and important, the caller leaves a message.

Scammers are smart. They are always looking for new ways to reach us with their illegal plans. So be vigilant. Even if authorities identify and block the person behind a large-scale operation, others are often waiting to continue the same scam.

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Car warranty fraudulent calls must be blocked by the telephone company

Source link Car warranty fraudulent calls must be blocked by the telephone company

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