Can Easter be a COVID-19 Superspreader?

() —Easter is imminent, and there is a growing fear that large numbers of people will gather in small spaces and not obey. CDC guidelines.

Dr. Amit Meta of Gaisinger in Center County said we should celebrate the holiday responsibly as we are in the midst of the light at the end of the tunnel.

“We’re still stuck,” said Dr. Mehta. “Easter should be celebrated, but all precautions need to be taken.” Dr. Meta said, because these rallies are one of the places, even if the restrictions are relaxed, the inhabitants will definitely stay in social distance. He adds that he needs to unfold and wear a mask. COVID-19 may spread.

“If you become a caregiver, you take it home and give it to your older parents, or you give it to older people. Everything starts, then everything starts again. “Dr. Mehta said. Dr. Meta states that many patients come to Geisinger wearing masks without covering the bridge of the nose. This is an inappropriate way to wear a bridge of the nose.

Please note that you must wait two weeks after receiving your second vaccination to be considered fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

Can Easter be a COVID-19 Superspreader?

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