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How do you save your previous first round pick career, which was plagued by inconsistencies in the first two seasons?

It takes into account that Miami Dolphins new coach Mike McDaniel and his offensive staff struggled hard in his second season with respect to Austin Jackson’s 18th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. It is a mystery that I am trying to solve.

His work ethic and his commitment to technology were respected, but none of these features prevented Jackson from taking responsibility for a small number of plays in almost every game of the 2021 season.

His inconsistent hand placement and dull footwork allowed the defender to easily cross his face, and his quarterback pockets routinely collapsed, allowing him to move from left tackle to left guard early in the season. I moved to.

And even the guard on the left continued the struggle. As a by-product, Miami’s offensive line led the NFL with the pressure allowed in 2021.

To be fair to Jackson, everyone on last year’s attack line was sometimes a problem. However, because he was the only lineman that Miami used the first round of picks to choose, the previous USC’s outstanding standards were higher and he didn’t respond to them.

As a result, dolphin decision makers prioritized it. Strengthen the left side of this off-season attack line..

Three-time pro bowler Teren Armstead has signed a five-year $ 75 million contract to play the left tackle, and Miami has Cowboys 51-game starter Connor Williams $ 14 for two years. Added that he signed. Million transactions.

Given that Williams spent all of his NFL career at Saemon, it’s more likely that dolphins will settle in the starting lineup once they start fieldwork. In that case, Jackson may be moving again.

However, Williams played a left tackle at the University of Texas. The new focus of Dolphins is to strengthen the right side of the attack line. This is important to protect the blind side of Tua Tagovailoa, a left-handed quarterback.

“I did the right tackle. This isn’t the first time I’ve played a new role. I played in high school and college. It’s not completely new to me,” Jackson said. Said on wednesdayClarify what he feels is an aggressive tackle. “At the end of the day, you need to have a good understanding of techniques and basics.”

Since the roster is currently standing, the dolphin has six players competing for the two starting points on the right, and Jackson’s draft status could consider him a front runner.

Perhaps a shift to the right could compete with Liam Eichenberg, Robert Hunt, Solomon Kindley, Robert Jones and Greg Little. Revival.

Maybe Jackson will improve with better coaching, or Miami is implementing another plan, so his athletic ability should be worth it.

“What I like about this scheme is the very details,” Jackson said. “After all, we have to rely on the concepts we know, study and train.”

Maybe Jackson improves with better diets and changes he added to his training program, and some of them were inspired by Armstead, he said.

Maybe age and experience will help him take the next step and make him more credible.

His nimble feet give him a chance to succeed in this new scheme if Jackson can reach the second level as a blocker and bring havoc to linebackers.

Alternatively, it doesn’t matter, Miami finds out that Jackson isn’t a starter material, and he’s chalked as the bust of the first round.

For 25 years, the dolphin has turned into a respectable NFL starter, with a solid run of the aggressive lineman chosen in the first round.

Billy Milner, who finished 25th in the 1995 draft, was the bust of the final first round as an aggressive lineman. He started only nine of the 20 games he played in Miami, a total of 30 due to a career-end neck injury injured in St. Louis after the Dolphins exchanged him for a tight-end Troy Drayton in Rams. I played in a match.

Dolphins don’t pad for months, so it’s premature to know in which direction Jackson’s career is heading at this point, which is a good time to evaluate an aggressive lineman.

Until then, all Jackson can do is prevent him from being retrofitted to the 2022 team.


Can Austin Jackson of Dolphins save his career with new coach staff? – Reading Eagle

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