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Call Volunteers to Fill the Digital Divide in Southern Chester County – Daily Local

The Retired Senior Volunteers Program (RSVP) serves the counties of Chester, Montgomery and Delaware.

This is a call to residents of South Chester County to sign up for meaningful volunteer opportunities. Classes for vulnerable communities require a one-to-one digital device trainer and assistant.

The Retirement Senior Volunteers Program (RSVP), which serves the counties of Chester, Montgomery and Delaware, has agreed to lead the “Trainer Training” project as a non-profit organization in collaboration with the Southern Chester County Digital Equity Union. bottom.

Starting with a test pilot, RSVP works with three organizations: Kennett Area Senior Center, Mighty Writer, and Maternal and Child Health Consortium / Family Center to train staff to become client trainers.

Once this training approach is proven, these organizations will continue to work and new organizations will follow the same steps. The vision is that this process is synergistic. In this process, students work with trusted institutions and volunteers to build confidence in their digital skills and reach out to family and friends to help them become more digitally savvy.

Volunteers interested in participating in this initiative must have a basic knowledge of computers, mobile devices, the Internet and apps. The first step is to sign up as an RSVP volunteer at the following website: RSVP will follow up on criminal and child abuse checks. The RSVP Digital Navigator will contact you to make mutual arrangements regarding the role and time of the volunteers. You have the option of zooming or working face-to-face. ..

Last year, the SCC Digital Equity team worked on a permanent solution by building a coalition focused on addressing all aspects of the problem. The first issue addressed was finding funding for a Wi-Fi connectivity assessment project to identify locations with poor Internet access.

Fortunately, the Chester County Intermediate Unit has been elected to engage in a pilot project to evaluate available Internet services in southern Chester County with the support of a $ 200,000 grant from the Ministry of Labor. rice field. Once this is complete, it will serve as a model for the rest of Chester County.

The digital divide is the gap between those who have the knowledge, experience, and access to reasonably fast Internet services and those who lack access and functionality. If you are on the other side of the division, your financial and social disadvantages are increasing every year. The pandemic has highlighted these issues. Without proper internet access, you will not be able to work from home if your work allows, and you will lose your income.
Your child couldn’t attend virtual school. This is the only format available for the last few months. Suffering from extreme social isolation during shutdown. And you couldn’t apply for a financial assistance program or vaccination.

The second area Coalition is working on is digital literacy. We are currently calling for volunteers in the community. This aspect of the project focuses on ensuring that everyone understands how to operate the computer and software needed for shopping, searching, educational support, communication, and more.

Improving digital literacy is expected to improve health, social ties, education and employment. Providing educational services in English, Spanish and other languages ​​and providing ongoing support is the way to do this. The vision for the future is for the Kennett Library to become the backbone of this effort to ensure sustainability.

This is the time of change and transition. This is a time when many baby boomers are retiring and looking for meaningful ways to contribute to the community. Unless you take compassionate actions to close the gap, this is the time for the digital divide to grow even larger. Please volunteer!

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Call Volunteers to Fill the Digital Divide in Southern Chester County – Daily Local

Source link Call Volunteers to Fill the Digital Divide in Southern Chester County – Daily Local

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