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California Women Forge Cancer And Forge Notes To Avoid Prisons | News

San Diego — A memo filed with a federal judge who sentenced a 38-year-old California woman to embezzlement alleged that a biopsy found “cancerous cells” in the uterus. Another showed that she was undergoing surgery and her cancer had spread to her cervix. Yet another letter warned that she “cannot be exposed to COVID-19” because of her vulnerable condition.

But federal officials say the notes and cancer are all fake, and Ashley Lynn Chavez is now heading to a triple-length prison. This week’s court added another two years to her first year’s imprisonment.

The false allegations of having cancer have exhausted more than $ 160,000 from previous employers through a hearing of the decision on March 31, 2021 from the time Chavez was found guilty in 2019.

According to a US law firm in Southern California, Memo then gave her another three months of freedom by a judge who believed she was being treated.

According to federal officials, Mr Chavez was able to avoid being detained for six months.

She also states that she was ill and unable to work and was unable to pay compensation to her former employer.

According to federal officials, two different lawyers hired by Chavez filed in court, believing that the memo was genuine.

By August 2021, a memo forged by Chavez had asked the court to allow her to serve under house arrest.

In a forged memo from an oncologist in the San Diego region, Chavez wrote: “(a) One year in prison could result in the death sentence of my patient.”

According to federal officials, Chavez was a patient of one of the doctors, but federal officials contacted the doctors mentioned in the letter and refused to write them.

“This defendant has become horribly long to avoid her first imprisonment by forging medical documents to claim she has cancer. This offensive act has become terrifying. It’s an insult to everyone who fights the battle, “said FBI Special Agent Stacy Moy in a statement.

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California Women Forge Cancer And Forge Notes To Avoid Prisons | News

Source link California Women Forge Cancer And Forge Notes To Avoid Prisons | News

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