Bus crash, earthquake, and man accidentally declared dead [Lancaster That Was] | History

Excerpts and summaries of news articles from the former Intelligence Journal, Lancaster Newera and Sunday News, focusing on the county’s past notable, pressworthy, or simply bizarre events.

25 years ago

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes Lancaster County rattles due to the earthquake.

One of them was October 17, 1996. In the morning, the inhabitants of the southern tip of the county were very calm with the quake, but with a magnitude of only 2.5, they awoke people and rattled their breakfast dishes. Send people who have run out of homes.

The epicenter of the quake was felt most strongly in Lancaster County, south of Quarryville, near Rising Sun, Maryland. At Millersville University, where the Department of Geology measured the quake, it wasn’t as strong as humans perceive.


Yeltsin fires security chief, rumors of coup d’etat

Judges ban internet use after sending insults and intimidation

Mars rover has a website

Check out the new era of Lancaster, October 17, 1996, here.

50 years ago

The Sunday News front page on October 17, 1971 featured an article about two public works projects in Lancaster.

The deadlocked project was to remodel Pen Square to its current configuration. Before the square was rebuilt, traffic passed through all four sides of the soldier and sailor monument, and loud roars were heard.

Proposals to relocate the monument were considered, but instead the base area of ​​the monument was reduced by about 50%, connecting the monument to the northeastern quadrant of the square via a brick sidewalk and restructuring traffic. , A plan was devised to allow only both sides of the monument to pass. Monument.

Construction was scheduled to begin in the spring of 1971, but was repeatedly postponed and was not scheduled to begin until the spring of 1972.

Meanwhile, Lancaster County Central Park development plans are underway, and state officials will approve the first phase of the final 11-step plan to create the park, which is currently the center of the county’s park system. ..

There was some delay due to the state’s need to evaluate the county’s decontamination efforts due to the fact that part of the park was functioning as a landfill only a few years ago, but the Department of Environmental Resources. Thumbs up-up and almost ready to start the project.

The first phase focused on the immediate vicinity of the county’s swimming pool and set up three new pavilions, a break room, a garden and a promenade.


Taken by H. Lap Brown in New York

Kissinger on his way to China

British soldiers killed in Belfast

Check out the news on Sunday, October 17, 1971 here.

75 years ago

Three passengers and a bus driver were injured when they left Marietta Pike on October 16, 1946 and collided with an old concrete pedestal at a bridge over Little Netoga Creek.

The Lebanese Autobus bus driving the Marietta-Lancaster route was severely damaged and had to be towed from the scene.

Surprisingly, only one passenger of a 12-year-old girl was hospitalized. Two passengers and the driver were slightly injured, and the remaining six passengers were not injured at all.

According to the driver, the crash was due to a malfunction in the steering system of the bus.


U.S. stops aid to Czech government

Göring carried the secret of the death potion to his grave

GI hangman wanted to run the Nazis

Check out the Intelligencer Journal here, October 17, 1946.

100 years ago

Lancaster Charles H. Rudicil was sentenced to death in the fall of 1921, but was sentenced because he “did not look like a corpse at all” when he stepped into the courthouse and challenged the decision. Was canceled.

Both he and his brother, John, have proved that he continues to exist in the living.

Rudisil left Lancaster County 14 years ago and asked his relatives to declare him legally dead because he had not contacted him at the time.

His property was worth about $ 1,000 and was to be split between them.


Fare cuts can’t prevent strikes

The government is planning to run the railroad

Check out Lancaster Intelligencer here, October 17, 1921.

Bus crash, earthquake, and man accidentally declared dead [Lancaster That Was] | History

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