Burks Weather: November made Burks cold

Last month was a cold pill after the warmth of October and was the top five finish on the Barks record in October of that month.

Burkes meteorological historian Jeffrey R. Stout said the average temperature difference between October and November was 61.5 to 42.2 degrees Celsius, almost double the normal 19.3 degree drop.

In November, we closed the doors in the warmth of October, closed the doors in the early morning at sub-zero temperatures for several mornings in a row, and put out the windshield scraper a little earlier than usual during most of the century when it was warm.

However, despite the warmer months, the other Novembers have been quite cold lately. 2019 is 40.6 degrees. It was 41.0 degrees in 2014 and 41.5 degrees in 2018. I didn’t make it into the top 10 in the coldest places that needed 40.4 degrees, but I was in the next 10th place.

On the other hand, November 2020 was the other extreme. At 49.5 degrees Celsius, it was the third warmest November in the 123 temperature database.

Cold facts

The coldest barks November 10 list hasn’t been disturbed since 1996. The 10 longest undisturbed list of the coldest is June, which has been going on since 1992 when Mount Pinatubo was cold.

The list of the coldest 10 contains a large number of months from the coldest months of the record. The first 20 years of the last century, from the 1970s to 1996.

However, there are some exceptions, such as February 2015, March 2014 and 2015, April 2018, May 2005, 2000, 2001, July 2009.

The moon of this century is likely to be on the list of the 10 warmest. Eleven of the twelve months, there are at least three entries in each of the warmest ten in this century.

The exception is January, which is only the eighth warmest in 2006.

Burks rainfall

Total rainfall in November at Reading Regional Airport was 1.56 inches, 1.46 below the normal total of 3.02, or just over half the normal.

Normal is currently the average from 1991 to 2020, at 45.71 inches, with the highest annual total of the 30-year block of all record periods since 1898.

However, November was not given as much boost from 1991 to 2020 as many other months.

Since September 24th, there has been a large rainfall deficit.

Burks’ normal 60-day departure is about 35%. Latest Statistics from the Mid-Atlantic Forecast Center, A division of the National Meteorological Service.

However, since it is the same institution, it is a recent phenomenon. Shows annual rainfall of 45.3 inches, And a surplus of almost 3 inches.

Its 45.3-inch total is about 10% higher than the 2021 total of 41.14 in the Reading Regional, which is 0.56 inches lower than usual at the end of the month. The deficit has grown to nearly an inch.

The airport, like many other years, was consistently one of the driest places in Burks in 2021.

The automated equipment was installed there in early 1999 and has since been the official website of the National Meteorological Service.

Total rainfall from Berks Area Rainfall Networks in Stoudt ranged from 1.12 inches in Becktelsville to 2.50 inches in Hamburg. A complete list of sites is running with this story on


According to AccuWeather, a partially sunny sky is expected to be below freezing overnight, following a high temperature in the mid-40s on Sunday.

Then, a brief warm-up is expected on Monday, with calm air rushing into the area, rising in the mid-1960s, showers, and potentially warm enough to open the windows.

The forecast for AccuWeather on Tuesday is sunny and cold, with a height of nearly 40 degrees Celsius, with clouds gathering during the day or evening.

According to AccuWeather, it can snow early on Wednesday, turning snow into rain during the day and high in the late 30s.

From Christmas to New Year, the long-range forecast for the snow icon is bright.

The current Christmas forecast for AccuWeather in Burks is 46 degrees, which is overcast.

November weather in Burks

Temperature: 42.2 °

Normal: 44.4 °

Precipitation: 1.56 inches

Normal: 3.02 inches

Record: None

Snowfall: None

Source: National Meteorological Service

The total rainfall from Berks Area Rainfall Networks is as follows:

Hamburg, 2.50 inches; Pine Grove, 2.38; Schartlesville, 2.32; Topton, 2.20; Boye Junction, 2.14; Warnersville (N), 2.01; Mohnton (Northridge), 1.93; Henningsville, 1.92; Muhlenberg Park, 1.91; Warnersville (S), 1.90; Landis Store, 1.89; Wyomissing, 1.88; Cornwall Terrace and Midvale Manor, 1.85; Scarlets Mill, 1.83; Lincoln Park, 1.82; New Morgan, 1.80; Gibraltar and Mohnton (1), 1.79; Mohrsville and Womelsdorf, 1.78; Katztown, 1.76; Burnville, 1.75; Mohnton (2), 1.71; Rock Hollow Woods, 1.71; Vinemont, 1.65; Knauers, 1.63; Greenfields and Shillington, 1.60; Thinking Spring, 1.58; Reading (Hillside), 1.56; West Reading, 1.54; Wyomissing (Highlands), 1.53; Adamstown, 1.51; Rovacsville, 1.48; Reading (near City Park), 1.45; Kamlou Township Building, 1.44; Life Ton, 1.42; Mohnton and South Mountain, 1.41; Douglasville and Newman’s Town, 1.40; Jacksonwald, 1.39; Hopewell Park, 1.33; Pikeville, 1.29; Pricetown, 1.27; Boyertown, 1.26; Barry, 1.23; State Hill, 1.22; Oley, 1.15; and Bechtelsville, 1.12.

Burks Weather: November made Burks cold

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