Burkes High School Honor Roll: May 2, 2022


Governor Tyler Minick of Mifflin Jr. went 3-4 with 2 home runs, 2 RBIs and 4 RBIs, scoring 3 RBIs with an undefeated Mustang victory over Mullenberg. He threw 5 innings, hit 6 and allowed 1 earned run, scoring 2 goals against Wilson. He went 2-2 with a triple and a single RBI and decided to run with Daniel Boone. He scored once against Sea Dark Rest with a triple and RBI 2 to 3.

Boy lacrosse

Exeter Junior’s Ritchie Kirstian scored seven goals with the Eagles defeating Wyomissing 15-9. Kirstian also scored three goals as the Eagles defeated Conrad Weiser 18-7.

Girl lacrosse

Governor Riley Troilo of Mifflin Jr. made 14 saves, including the 200th in her career, as Mustang lost to Twin Valley 17-6. Troiro also made eight saves with a 14-11 victory over Mustang’s Emmaus and six saves with a 15-5 victory over Conrad Weiser.

soft ball

Fleetwood freshman Morgan Koehler hit two home runs, including a two-run walk-off home run, to beat the Tigers 8-6 against Brandy Wine Heights. She also doubled and home-runs by defeating ProLiant Valley 16-6.

Men’s tennis

Twin Valley freshman Dylan Bond won the singles to help the Raiders beat Wilson 3-1 in the BCIAA Team Tournament Championship Match and win the first tennis title in school history.

Boys truck

Wyomissing’s senior Amory Thompson finishes first in the Panther Invitational team position, fixing the 400 relay team with 110 hurdles at 16.17, 200 hurdles at 22.52 and a gold medal at 44.01. Helped.

Girls truck

Senior Madison Jiska of the School Kill Valley broke the school record with a long jump of 18-1.75 and won the Panther Invitational with a 100 of 12.93 and a 200 of 25.71.

Boys volleyball

Brandy Wine Heights sophomore Braydon Amblaster defeated Berks Catholic 3-0 to achieve 16 kills and a 3-1 win to Wyomissing with a bullet that leads Burks II with 22 kills and 7 You have achieved the block.

Burkes High School Honor Roll: May 2, 2022

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