Brown: The WB budget covers new hires and promotions at the fire department

Wilkes-Bar—The city’s budget covers hiring new firefighters and promoting them in the sector, Mayor George Brown said Wednesday.

Brown’s comment was aimed at eliminating the misconception that the city would have to find an additional $ 754,935 to pay for salary increases and new hires.

“They are all putting a strain on our budget,” Brown said.

Each of the three new firefighters starts at $ 49,025 per year. The base salary for the Assistant Chief Post is $ 83,616. The captain’s base salary is $ 73,438.

However, the wages of each of the two assistant chiefs and six captains who were promoted on Tuesday will increase with the addition of many years of service, Brown said. These numbers were not available on Wednesday. The 2021 general funding budget included $ 241,852 as a longevity allowance for firefighters.

Brown has the right staff in the department represented by the Local 104 of the International Firefighters Association, and has the best equipment for firefighters to work and protect residents and visitors to the city. I promised to confirm.

The 2021 general funding budget included funding the Wilkes-Bar City Fire Department, which has the same number of 66 members as in 2020. Eight firefighters in ambulance and emergency medical services, $ 4,498,217, were budgeted this year as a base salary for firefighters.

By comparison, the total base salary in 2020 was $ 4,363,764. The difference from this year was $ 134,453.

Brown added that as a result of new hires, the department could save overtime.

The 2021 budget included $ 80,000 in overtime for firefighters, excluding firefighters for emergency medical services. Last year it was budgeted for $ 100,000.

The December 2020 draft financial report showed that the sector fell below the total budget of $ 97,837 due to overtime. Year-end numbers fell sharply from the $ 451,131 record recorded in 2019, when the department was understaffed.

There was also little emergency overtime. The department reported $ 8,810 out of a budget of $ 20,000. In 2019, emergency overtime totaled $ 22,910.

Brown’s predecessor, Tony George, hired 13 new firefighters in the summer of 2019 to fill the vacancy.

Brown: The WB budget covers new hires and promotions at the fire department

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