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Williamsport, PA-The glorious moment of the night came when Jake Hair controlled the song and performed a memorable poem.

A limited crowd, primarily composed of media and sponsors, was treated as a preview of the song from the cast when they introduced “Madison County Bridge” to the public.

This show will be the first show by the Community Theater League since the pandemic closed. This is a promise to be good as CTL works with the Community Arts Center to provide more socially distant seats.

The preview was electrical. The rabbit that led the noteworthy song was outstanding. Marisa Solentino Hicky was just as good on her lead song.

The pair worked beautifully together, so the possibility of seeing them in full costume on stage became much more interesting.

“The bridge is a source of conversation,” said Seth Sponge House, executive director of the Community Theater League and director of the show. “I think that’s why it’s so exciting. What’s this big debate about whether she should leave or stay? The story revolves around that simple question: stability, husband, family, farm. Some women have given up on life, homeland, and the future because they wanted to choose, and 20 years later, women would give up all their stability, run away, and be given the chance to live the life she always wanted. I understand. ”

Marisa Sorrentino Hickey will play the song “The Bridges of Madison County” while CTL previews the show.

The story is beautiful and offers the audience timeless questions. Sponhouse is clearly convinced that it is ready for discussion.

The cast and production of the play was top notch, so they’re sure to do so. Attention is paid to every scene. CTL wants to come back with a positive and uplifting story about love and relationships. If the preview means something, the audience will be a treat.

“I personally enjoy watching this story unfold, as I support her running and some days begging her to stay. The” bridge “is beautiful. What you do is that it really leaves the choice to the audience, “Sponhouse said. “The score is very beautifully written by Jason Robert Brown. A great way to take a romantic journey through the landscape of Iowa, wrap yourself in this warm hug and put you where you started. Yes, it’s a beautiful story and I can’t wait to share it with the community. “

Like most things in the world today, Sponhouse considered the environment around him when the productions came together.

“The bridge is not only played completely masked, but the actors are observing as much social distance as possible on stage,” Sponhouse said. “Last year, CTL developed strict policies and procedures to keep all actors, volunteers, patrons and staff safe and together.”

A temperature check will be carried out and the theater capacity will be limited to 50%.

The cast of “The Bridge in Madison County” includes Marisa Solentino Hicky (Francesca), Jake Hair (Robert), Philip J. Bonada (Bad), Seth Confer (Michael), and Kendal Eichenlaub (Carolin). , Kimberly Fulmar (Merge), Chris Daly (Charlie), Marisa Sponge House (Marian), and the ensemble featuring Kara Heim and Megan Fisher. The cast represents Williamsport, Sunbury, Jersey Shore, Milton, Harrisburg and more.

Bridges dazzles with an intimate preview of the March CTL show | Entertainment

Source link Bridges dazzles with an intimate preview of the March CTL show | Entertainment

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