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Put a flower on your tongue and say her name. That’s what Breona Taylor’s sister wants from people visiting the Augmented Reality Gardens created to honor her deceased sister during Art Week in Miami.

In commemoration of a 26-year-old medical worker who was hit deadly by police during an apartment raid, Breona’s Garden is an art-changing force among the gorgeous celebrity parties surrounding the famous Art Basel event. Reminds me of.

The interactive garden can be seen until Sunday at Maurice A. Ferre Park, next to the Perez Museum, or directly in the online app. After premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, he comes to the Miami Arts Festival.

“Now is the best time to say her name bigger,” Taylor’s sister Junya Palmer said in a statement.

A garden full of Taylor’s favorites like flowers and butterflies, created by artists and curators Lady Feonics and Palmer, originally intended to be a safe place for family and friends to mourn online. it was done.

But as Taylor’s story swept the country, at the forefront of Black Lives Matter, and ignited protests against the use of so-called “no knock” policies, the concept was expanded to handle their sorrows to the public. I gave you a place to do it. Said.

Taylor was shot deadly last year after a drug force officer entered the apartment with a battering ram. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, later fired at the police, thinking the intruder was invading.

A team of volunteer artists helped us realize our vision.

Watch the virtual garden take a bouquet of her favorite flowers, tulips, from a romantic archway surrounded by flora and fauna to see a gentle-looking Taylor with flowing hair and a rainbow-colored gown. Blooms in real time for those who.

Viewers can record a message and leave words of comfort and encouragement to the next visitor. There are also Palmer holograms and sparkling flowers that hold recorded messages from Breona’s friends and family.

The image of the garden is peaceful, but the creators say the artwork is also a protest against the flood of news about gun violence.

“Bleona died in a world of violence, but she lives in peace surrounded by beautiful memories, butterflies, and her favourites,” Mrs. Feonics said in a statement.

Breona Taylor paying homage to a peaceful augmented reality garden | Lifestyle

Source link Breona Taylor paying homage to a peaceful augmented reality garden | Lifestyle

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