Brandywine Heights directors seek patience and understanding

Last year was certainly a difficult time for everyone, whether they were employers, employees, parents, educators, or young students studying in a variety of educational environments. The 2021-22 academic year seemed to give us a new start, and then the Delta variant was a hit.

When we started this school year, 500 federal boards of education worked to determine the best decisions to open a school in the community. Guidance from the medical community, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health enables local leaders and school board staff to guide and make informed decisions. These decisions were based on what was best for the community and the health and safety of the students and staff of the school system. Masks have certainly become the most controversial topic for locals and countries.

The polarization is very clear when social media comments from government officials compare Afghan suicide bombers with US individuals who opt out of wearing masks. Evidence of this division can be seen at the county-wide and local levels.

Earlier this year, the school board was in a position to decide what the solution was for children in the community. Local leaders screened all data, community perspectives, and recommendations to make the best decisions, putting board members and school officials in a win-win situation.

It ultimately results in a layered mitigation strategy and decisions for local members. Recent health ministry orders demanding masks from educational institutions have fueled controversy. The pressure on both sides of the topic is immeasurable.

Contact tracing has always been a challenge for managers and school districts. For example, there were 10 COVID-19 cases across the Brandywine Heights Regional School District, and more than 180 students were quarantined due to close contact.

The Ministry of Health said: “In an indoor classroom setting from kindergarten to high school, if both infected and exposed students are wearing correctly, consistently and well, the definition of close contact is within 3 to 6 feet of the infected student. Students who were there will be excluded. The fitting will be masked all the time. “

Regardless of the position of the problem, the order of the masks helps to send the student to school for education. Looking back at the multiple educational modes that occurred last year, the recurring theme was to bring students back to school. That goal has been achieved and will continue to be the focus of educational institutions this year.

To “ask” is to have patience and understanding. It is difficult with such a polarization problem, which has strong views on both sides. Local leaders who make these decisions and carry out orders from the state probably haven’t run for so far. They want the best in their community and school systems.

It’s easy to share, judge and comment on your perspective on social media. How easy is it to see someone else’s point of view? Socrates gave wisdom in the triple filter test. This is a comment being made. 1. Truth 2. Positive 3. Need.

As a resident of Burks County, you can gain patience and understanding by knowing that there are very strong opinions on both sides of the problem, a collective community whether you are talking about masks or the next challenge. Hope to respect each other as we move forward as on the horizon.

Brandywine Heights directors seek patience and understanding

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