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BOYERTOWN — There may not be a valedictorian of the Boyertown High School Class in 2025. There is no Salutatorian either.

This is the case if the school board promotes the adoption of the proposed new evaluation policy. This policy replaces the rank of the class with the “Latin” system, which is the “Latin” system of the “Latin” system.

According to a presentation by Michael Stoudt, Deputy Director of Education and Learning, at a school board work session on Tuesday, the new policy under consideration is that all Boyertown High School graduates with an average grade of 3.0-3.66 are “excellent.” Will be. This means “with praise” in Latin.

Those with a GPA of 3.667 to 4.199 will graduate with honors. In Latin, it means “with great praise.” Those with a GPA of 4.2 or higher will be awarded the highest award, which is interpreted as “highest praise.”

Class ranks are only calculated for the colleges that requested it, Stout said.

The first class affected by this change is the current Freshman class, which will graduate in 2025. Currently upper grade students graduate under the current grade and class rank system.

“This is what we believe will benefit all of our students,” Mary Beth Torkia told the school board.

Stoudt said one of the reasons the change was proposed was that “in some cases, students are taking courses for GPA and bumps to get, rather than learning for that course.” rice field.

Boyertown High School Principal E. Wayne Foley said, “In the last few years, we have had to have five or six decimal places” to determine whether we are a valedictorian or a Salutatorian. Told to.

Melody McWherter, vice president of the school board, said when his sons were in school: It seemed too stressful to get the valedictorian designation, so I’m looking forward to seeing this. “

In addition, the speakers at the time of graduation will automatically cease to be the top two students.

“This opens the door for people to audition for speeches, which I think is a much better system than automatically getting speeches,” Foley said.

And, in a sense, it’s also safe for top students who don’t want to give a speech.

“Last year, one student deliberately bombed the exam so she didn’t have to give a speech at graduation, so she was third instead of second or first. There is a lot of pressure, “says Foley.

The proposed policy will enter a formal approval process at the next board meeting on October 26, and will be on the agenda for the “first read,” Torkia said.

Boyertown Area School District’s Eye-catching Class Rank System-Reading Eagle

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