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Both sides get last chance to talk about SC abortion ban | National

Columbia, South Carolina (AP) — After years of legislative debate over a bill banning almost all abortions in South Carolina, the public is likely to be the last chance to support or oppose the ban. I thought.

At the House Subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, dozens of people testified both directly and online.After the bill passed the Senate last month Many years of setbacks..

South Carolina Parliamentarians said, South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Abortion Protection.

If a pregnant woman thinks she is at least eight weeks old, her doctor should try to detect the fetal heartbeat using ultrasound. If they find a heartbeat and the pregnancy is not the result of rape or incest, they cannot have an abortion unless the mother’s life is at stake. It can be 6 weeks after conception and before many women find out that they are pregnant.

The Wednesday meeting had familiar testimony from all these hearings — limited to 3 minutes per speaker.

There was a pastor who said that all life was important. There was a women’s rights group saying that the bill would take control of women’s bodies.

There was a doctor. Some women had an abortion and regretted their decision, while others had an abortion and asked lawmakers not to deprive other women of their choices.

A woman who told a sad story that she chose to end her pregnancy when she was told that her fetal couldn’t survive outside the womb, or decided to mature her pregnancy instead of having an abortion if she didn’t want to. There was an adult who talked about his mother.

At the end of Wednesday’s meeting, the subcommittee was expected to send the bill to the full judiciary, perhaps next week. The committee is expected to approve the bill and send it to the house floor.Full house Passed the bill 70-31 Last session.

Governor Henry McMaster has promised to sign immediately as South Carolina joins about 12 other states that have passed similar or stricter abortion bans. All of them await a court ruling in the hope that conservatives will lead the US Supreme Court to overturn the 1973 ruling that protects the state from excessive restrictions on abortion.

Abortion opponents have somehow pushed the South Carolina bill for over a decade.It will easily pass home and fail every time After hitting a procedural hurdle In the Senate. However, the Republican Party won three senators in November, and the senator finally passed the bill in January.

Some conservatives are not happy with the bills included Exceptions to rape and incest And it passed home before without that change. At least two Republican senators said they couldn’t support without these exceptions.

If the House of Representatives removes the exception or makes any other changes, the Senate will need to pass the bill again. Holly Gatling, who heads South Carolina citizens who want to outlaw all abortions, called on lawmakers to pass the bill at least three times without change.

Lacy Rain appears to have been testified again on Wednesday, telling how ultrasound found her and her husband the boy who decided to name Evan. She said she had made a tragic decision to have an abortion shortly before the 20-week deadline under current state law.

she has I talked several times And at the end of her three minutes she only deviated from her written testimony.

“You shouldn’t have to keep sharing my personal experience with strangers, hoping you’ll eventually care,” Rain said.

A few minutes later, Rev. Randy Goff came in front of Congressman and told him many times in Colombia about how his wife was pregnant with the twins Isaac and Abigail. He talked about the joy and joy he felt when he heard their heartbeat and spoke to his wife’s belly.

Isaac died in the womb after doctors suggested waiting a day to check for possible pregnancy problems, Goff said.

“We need to do everything we can to protect our foetation,” Goff said.


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Both sides get last chance to talk about SC abortion ban | National

Source link Both sides get last chance to talk about SC abortion ban | National

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