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Don’t say a word to hear, not to those who are alive or dead. This is confidential information for your eyes only. Please be quiet. And I hope everyone else does so in the new book “Reimbursement of Bobby Love” by Bobby and Cheryl Love with Lori L. Serp.

At that time of the day, the door wrap was never good.

At 6:30 am, Cheryl Love had just finished her morning routine and was preparing to take her husband Bobby to work and his son to school.

She looked into the peephole in the door and saw some policemen …

Walter Curtis Miller was born in the fall of 1950 in North Carolina. “Lucky number 7” out of his mother’s eight children. The family was poor, but everything changed because the young “Buddy” had a good childhood until his father died in 1959. The mother did as much work as she could to feed her chicks, and with little supervision, Buddy began to act, fight, and steal.

By the age of 12, his light finger habit had turned into massive theft and car theft.

At the age of 15, he was sent to a “training school” where he left for Washington, DC. There he couldn’t stop stealing. Once again captured, he was sent to a facility for juvenile delinquents. Shortly after being released from it at the age of 17, he robbed a bank, and that was it.

Miller was sentenced to 25 years in prison and went to jail.

But Buddy Miller couldn’t do that, and he planned to run when possible. He jumped off the prison bus, changed his name to Bobby Love because it first came to his mind, and sneaked into New York. As love, he continued to be a mom about his past, calmed down, got a job, fell in love and got married, volunteered in his community, helped people, and raised four good children. His family didn’t know about Buddy Miller.

From Miller’s “one big robbery” to 40 years later, there was a wrap on the door …

It sounds like a movie synopsis. Like catching this on the big screen with popcorn, but no, “Reimbursement of Bobby Love” is a true story and incredible.

Part of that is because half of the book belongs to the author, Cheryl Love, and the story accompanies Bobby Love’s. Together, they make a breathtaking story and tell it without a clear desire to obscure it anymore – and it blows your breath away. When you run through this account with a sense of empathic fate, the urgency of being one step ahead, and the fear of waiting your hand on your shoulder, it has a sense of “catch me if you can.” Huh, the grace that comes soon is a sweet relief.

Fans of “Humans of New York” are pleased to recognize this story and finally tell it completely. Anyone who wants a good book should read “The Redemption of Bobby Love”. Really, it will make you scream.

“Reimbursement of Bobby Love” by Bobby and Cheryl Love with Lori L. Serp, 2021, Mariner Books / HMH Books, $ 28, 288 pages

Book Review: “The Redemption of Bobby Love” Is Truth | Lifestyle

Source link Book Review: “The Redemption of Bobby Love” Is Truth | Lifestyle

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